Monday, November 17, 2014

3 Reasons To Add Leopard To Your Home

I recently added these pretty leopard velvet pillows to my living room pictured above from the lovely Arianna Belle pillow shop. I've always been drawn to this print, and I think I have 3 good reasons why.

1. It's a timeless & classic pattern. Anything you find in nature will never get old. And if you look back at rooms that include a dash of leopard designed decades ago - they are still as relevant today.  The key to using this pattern's timeless style is to use restraint when incorporating leopard into your décor. Using too many layers can look a bit more cat-lady than sophisticated, so pick and choose your leopard pieces wisely. I loved injecting flair with a simple set of throw pillows.

2. It's a neutral! The pattern works in a variety of interior styles to inject style and substance. When used in its natural brown and black coloration, leopard print acts as a fabulous neutral in any space.

3. Leopard can easy mix with other patterns, and look like a million bucks doing it. Because leopard print is a fabulous neutral, it mixes well with more colorful pieces, and adds whimsy and fun to a space.

Oh, and don't forget that this rule applies to your wardrobe as well.

Convinced? Hop over to Arianna Belle The Shop to get inspired by all the stunning combination possibilities!



Albertina M. Cisneros said...

Agreed!! I just love that photo of your home!! And I have been thinking about these pillows from Ariana Belle as well lately! for my entry. i have two black chairs and I keep thinking these leopard pillows would look amazing there. I'm thinking the lumbar. It may be my Christmas present to myself! I will keep you posted. xx

Arianna Belle said...

Thank you so much for the feature Nancy! So happy to hear you love your new pillows! XX

Monica said...

Your room is perfect with the leopard pillows!

Barbara Matson said...

Not only does leopard print look fabulous in a home - they are perfect for shoes! I wear mine to death, am now looking for another perfect leopard flat!

Yolonda Washington said...

BIG fan of leopard and those pillows!

Lisa McGough said...

I LOVE your home and, of course, the leopard pillows. I think it just warms a space. Thanks for including my home in your chic post!

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