Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Fashion Inspiration | Wrap Up For Winter

It's getting chilly out there, and I love seeing all the wraps, capes, blanket scarves, and blanket coats out there! What a perfect way to stay chic & cozy all at once ...

Gwen Stefani

right: Olivia Palermo

I'm on the hunt for a blanket scarf in plaid - Zara actually has many styles of wraps & scarves here. Hope you are keeping warm wherever you are!



Yolonda J. Washington // Style Fragment said...

Love the first two styles. I can't wait to wear mine. Thanks for the inspiration.

Jen of MadeByGirl said...

hey nancy..I am too...love the selections here..cant wait to get one!


Tracey Ayton Photography said...

Hey girlfriend how are you??? I'm loving these scarves and have been a little intimidated with how to wrap them up. I tried that top wrap from Zara on and looked a bit silly. I just need to figure out how to wear it .... so thanks for the inspiration! Would you happen to know where the 2nd last one is from? The white one with the black stripes? The one in the left shot beside Olivia. Hugs and hope to see you soon!!!

Prom Outfitters said...

The fashion, the style. I love these designs..

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