Friday, January 2, 2015

Before & After | 13 Exterior Makeovers

Happy New Year everyone! I'm starting off this year with a satisfying before & after post, it's always fun to see a total transformation, a metamorphosis into something fresh & new.

My hubby and I love to take walks around our neighbourhood, and along the way we dream up all the things we would do to update the exteriors of homes in desperate need of a face-lift. Do you ever catch yourself plotting & imagining all the things you would do to other people's homes? If so, here are 13 fabulously done exterior makeovers to help quench your appetite:

So much inspiration in these transformations! I love all the additions of Hampton's style shingles, beefy mouldings, Cape Cod shutters, and even that lovely limestone wash over the red brick in the photo just above. It's these types of details that make a world of a difference. Hope you enjoyed the before & after, have a lovely first weekend of the year!


Yolonda J. Washington // Style Fragment said...

Gorgeous makeovers! Makes me want to change our home.

Monica said...

I am floored by the exterior makeovers and really like the different time periods you picked up to the early 90's home. How wonderful to see the new life that can occur to any home. Thank goodness for limestone wash!!!I really enjoyed this post. Have a great weekend.

Tammie Burton said...

I'm always amazed at what can be done to refresh a home! Happy New Year!!

Kelsi Jean said...

I love this post! I want to do a full renovation on a home one day and these are great images for inspiration. Your blog is fantastic, I've been a follower for a long time and you have such a great eye for design/edit.

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