Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Taking 'To The Trade' Out Of Wallcoverings

If you’ve ever researched designer wallpapers or wall coverings, your hopes were quickly dashed when you saw the words “to the trade only”. High end fabric and wallpaper designers such as Schumacher, Cole & Son, and Scalamandre are considered to the trade only – but what about the average customer who doesn’t want  to hire a designer for a full room makeover, but has found just the perfect wallpaper? Now there's hope if you happen to love extraordinary, artisanal wallpapers and aren't in the trade.

DecoratorsBest is a source I just recently used to order wallpaper and I wanted to share my experience & a ‘how to’ with all of you. The company bases their service on the principle that everyone deserves a beautiful home, and I couldn’t agree more. We all have access to some of the best wallpaper designers from around the world now! Whether you know exactly what you are looking for or not, the website is extremely user friendly to navigate. You can search by brand, color, or even design style; and although I was searching for wallpaper, I should also mention they carry fabrics, pillows, and rugs. I loved that I could easily create a “wishlist” that I could save and come back to.
Shipping was free over $200, my order arrived in days, and when I enquired about the product by email I got an instant response; in all honesty my experience was fantastic and I know I paid a fraction of the original price. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still not completely inexpensive, BUT you are purchasing the finest papers out there and to me that is well worth it.

You can order samples (typically $5 each). I chose a lot of patterns to showcase here because it makes for a more visually fun post - I love bright colors, playful patterns, and interesting textures - but the site contains so many lovely and simple designs as well. Hop over to their site to see their full selection.

I can’t wait to show you which paper I ordered and for which room, but for now I kind of want to keep you guessing J … any guesses? We’ll finally get possession of our new house in a couple of weeks, eek! Do follow along via Instagram for some soon-to-come sneak peeks!!



Barbara Matson said...

So, I guess there is at least ONE room in your new house that doesn't need wallpaper stripped!

Marcus Design said...

Haha Barbara so the funny part is that this particular room will need the old wallpaper removed first, BEFORE we can add the new wallpaper!!! Crazy right?

Nancy xo

Meredith said...

The reason many items are "To The Trade" is because there are so many factors that go into specifying papers that you need someone who is skilled, knowledgeable and experienced at working with them. The type of paste, how to specify the preparation for some papers, what to do when a paper stretches or doesn't match up... what happens to grasscloth when exposed to light, vinyl vs paper and so forth. Many producers of paper and fabric for that matter have built their business on the relationships they've developed with the trade. Many still value this relationship and therefore only sell to the trade to ensure that the overall satisfaction of the end user is maintained.

Marcus Design said...

Meredith I completely agree with every word you say! People should not be passing these fine papers off to their dad to install for them and I completely agree that the choice/type of paper requires a trained professional to select. As for me, I picked a paper that I have long dreamed of owning, and you don't have to worry - I will absolutely be hiring a well-known wallpaper installer for the job!! Thank you for your insightful comment, I really appreciated it.


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