Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Top 10 Tips For Moving Day

Well it's been several weeks now since we moved - and everyone who has gone through a move can likely relate when I say it sure is a lot of work! We still can't believe how much stuff we had packed in our little rancher, and honestly we are the kind of people who like to regularly purge so it came as a little bit of a surprise. Along the way, I learned several 'moving hacks' that helped to make the process as smooth as it could possibly be. Here are my top ten tips:

1. My favorite on the list, purge before packing! - We had a big Garage sale prior to our move and it was one of the best things we did to prep. As I began to pack the house, anything I didn't want, I put into a "yard sale" pile. We ended up with a sell/donate/toss category system in the end. Those of you who aren't moving any time soon - try this principle when organizing, do a 'virtual move' and ask yourself, "would I pack this item if I were moving today?"

2. Start early with packing items you never use - In the early weeks I started doing all the glassware in my pantry, and decorative items and books that I knew I could do without. Extra tip: wrap breakables in towels and linens that you know you have to pack any ways!

3. Make sure you stock up on all the tools - A box cutter, a tape measure, that awesome tape gun, furniture pads, sharpies, sheets of clean packing paper, and garbage bags ready and on-hand will contribute to lowering your frustration with the tasks at hand.

4. Move your clothing straight on the hangers - I didn't purchase garment boxes, as I found they could get quite heavy, so instead I bundled about 10 or so hangers together with an elastic band and slid them directly into a makeshift garment bag (a clean garbage bag) right over top.

5. Cut handles into the sides of cardboard boxes for easy lifting - We had some boxes come with the side handles cut out and it made moving them sooo much easier!

6. Change your address in advance - In Canada, we have a simple step process through Canada Post's mail forwarding system that can help with forwarding your mail to your new address for up to one year.

7. Start collecting boxes early - And just so you know, you will need more than you think you will. I asked friends, collected several from work, & went to local stores. And apparently you can even check Craiglist's "free" section for free moving boxes!

8. Pack tight - It helps not to leave any "air" space in your boxes, the tighter the better, as even seemingly indestructible items can get damaged in shifting. Stuff towels and packing paper in ever crack and crevasse. Extra tip: label like crazy, with either color coding or sharpie labels, written on the side of the box rather than top. Draw arrows with "This Side Up" and Fragile where needed.

9. Take kiddos and pets to daycare - We were blessed that our family offered to take our doggie for the day, as moving is a confusing stress for little ones. It really ended up taking stress off of us and little Yoki!

10. Pay it forward - It's always kind to leave the house clean, so in our rushing we hired a cleaning company and it was one of the best things we did. They even got all the grim out of the oven! It's also nice to leave info for your old place’s new residents; we left a note with useful info about the neighbourhood/street, the names of all the paint colors in the house, appliance warranties, and favorite local spots. It’s a small gesture, but a sweet one.

Any tips you would add to my list?



Nia said...

I thought that I've read all tips and hacks about moving but the one with cutting handles really surprised me! It looks that there is always something new to learn! Thanks for sharing!

Trevor Smith said...

I love the idea about cutting handles in your boxes. I usually have a hard time just carrying the boxes out to the truck. I actually enjoy packing things in boxes though. Once you have a system that works, it really isn't that bad. http://www.canadianvanlines.com

Deborah Robinson said...

Extremely helpful article! I am about to move to a new house and your tips will help me a lot. Thank you very much for sharing.

Anabell T. said...

Here's one tip that I find very helpful: Declutter before you pack. If you don’t love something or need it, there’s no sense in bringing it with you — that space in the truck is money! This way you won't have to worry about space in your new place as well and everything will feel arranged better, since it has an actual use.

Sarah Anderson said...

Packing early is a smart idea, so this way you are fairly ready to go with less stress to deal with. Waiting until that last day stresses me out, having to rush and stuff to get everything out. Rushing can also cause sloppy packing, and things could break.

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