Tuesday, August 25, 2015

House Tour | A Masterful Mansion

The room above has had me drooling for the past week - did you see it floating around on Pinterest? It's those black paneled walls, the gorgeous white chaise lounges, and piles and piles of books! So of course I chased it down and came up with a few other images of the space:

Turns out the space belongs to a 23,000 square-foot Nashville estate! And the rest of the home is not too shabby either (design by Chad James Group, photographed by Alyssa Rosenheck):

Quite stunning! I love the overall black & white palette, it's very soothing and timeless. Too see more you can head to Elle Decor's website.



Beauty Follower said...

Wow such a classy-chic place!


Hailey~FurnishMyWay said...

Is there really anything better in this world than that kitchen? The wide open space and simple design is anything but ordinary. I think I'm in love!

Chad James said...

Thank you !!

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