Monday, May 9, 2016

Metal & Glass Open Shelving In The Kitchen

The stunning kitchen pictured above belongs to Betty Theodoropoulos, and is a dream in my books. It's got everything from stunning herringbone floors to panelling to marble everywhere. Another element that made me audibly gasp when I first viewed the space is the lovely and timeless glass & metal shelving. Betty also placed this shelving in her butler's pantry below (sorry for the fuzzy photo, it's a screen capture from the video tour, which by the way if you haven't viewed YOU MUST!)

Gah, with that marble as a backdrop it's picture perfect! I also really love the polished nickel, very traditional and appealing to my eyes. Here's a little round up of alternate looks, some with brass, some with dark metal for a more contemporary look:


I also love the idea of going right in front of the window like above, with the glass shelves you'd get so much light in! There's a perfect spot in my kitchen which SO would have benefitted from this, more light and more interest with open shelving; but alas the budget wouldn't allow! Well, it's always good to file away these ideas for the 'dream kitchen' any ways right? ;)


Mary said...

As lovely as the glass shelves look in front of a window, I don't think it would be practical. You wouldn't be able to open it & cleaning the window would be tricky.

Lily said...

Great idea! Not too practical. Still wonder about cleaning.

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