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Photographer Q&A | Alyssa Rosenheck

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Today I am honored to share a little conversation with the talented Nashville-based Interior Design and Architectural photographer Alyssa Rosenheck. I adore her work, and how she is able to capture the fine details of a room, showing us angles and perspectives that may have otherwise gone unnoticed. Every image is so bright and crisp and invites you to step in. Her work has graced the pages of Elle Décor, Domino Magazine, and Rue Magazine to name a few. The images speak for themselves, but I was quite thrilled to have the chance to interview Alyssa and find out a bit more about her career in interior photography (all image credits - Alyssa Rosenheck Photography):

Nancy Marcus: What do you love most about your career?
Alyssa Rosenheck: I love the sense of gratitude my career provides me. I enjoy being able to walk into a space and feel challenged and inspired at the same time. I am beyond grateful to be able to say my career is my passion. I never in my wildest dreams thought I could earn a living doing what I love. It took me years in the corporate world and a leap of faith to prove myself wrong. There are so many facets to being an interior and architectural photographer, but there are two things I adore most. First, I love collaborating with authentic people, and I gain a tremendous amount of fulfillment being able to provide my clients with images that bring them success and emphasize their talent. And second, capturing spaces and sharing them with the world allows me to invite and connect people to my heart, which is vulnerable for me and rewarding. 

NM: What led you to the field of photography?
AR: Photography speaks to my soul and has from an early age. My eye has always gravitated towards clean lines and negative space. When I walk into a new environment, I look at the light and how it transitions from room to room. I owe so much to my mother as she has been such a strong source of creative inspiration for me. I can remember as a little girl spending summers at museums, as she encouraged us to explore our curiosity with the arts. ​
I feel like I always had a camera in my hand growing up and if I didn't, I was the little one exploring artists like Richard Avedon and Annie Liebovitz. In my twenties, I played life pretty conservatively. I silenced my creative side and thought success meant earning an admirable living while climbing the corporate ladder. I worked for 2 global Fortune 100 companies, and one day I took a step back and recognized how unfulfilled I was. I was eternally grateful for the invaluable business experience I gained, but I needed to seek a more nourishing and soulful path for myself​. I decided then to take a leap of faith and pursue my passion for photography. I was in my early 30's at this point, recovering from a recent cancer diagnosis with nothing to lose. I am so grateful I invested in my dreams because photography speaks to my soul. I try to encourage others to pursue the things in life that scare them the​ most because ​life is too short​ not to live out one's passion. ​
NM: How would you describe your personal style? And do the interiors you shoot influence your own décor choices? 
AR: My personal style is very reminiscent of how I photograph a space. Light, simple, and composition based. I am a lover of white and neutrals. You will often find me in ripped boyfriend jeans, ballet flats, a ponytail, and a white collar shirt. Our house is all white with soft linen tones and warm textures. I gravitate towards minimalism and simplicity. My home is a visual relief for me at the end of a long day. I think of it as a peaceful retreat for our family, which is very important. I'm a firm believer that your home should be a reflection of you. Although, I am constantly inspired by the interiors I shoot, my home is very reminiscent of me and my supportive husband. We have created a soft and peaceful environment that has a casual and inviting appeal. 
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NM: What has been your greatest professional influence?
AR: My 12+ years in the corporate world have been incredibly influential for my photography business. My experiences provided a strong foundation of business skills, which many artists don't initially possess. I am incredibly fortunate to implement this skill set while having the opportunity to be creative and authentic to my craft every day.  

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NM: What project are you most proud of?
AR: This is a difficult question to answer. I constantly approach my work thinking that the best shot has yet to be taken.  I push myself to deliver a product that tells a complete story. I am most proud of projects that elicit strong emotions from my clients. I have also really enjoyed recent projects with Country Living Magazine and traveling from coast to coast for clients.
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NM: What is your next career venture?
AR: My next goal is to publish a coffee table book highlighting the creative individuals with whom I’ve been fortunate to collaborate. Each day is a new adventure and I am grateful for each opportunity that comes my way.

A huge thank you to Alyssa for being so gracious and generous with her time. What an amazing career she has already had, and I can only imagine what's in store. Alyssa, I think we would all be in line for a copy of that coffee table book ;)
Be sure to hop over and check out more of Alyssa's impeccable work on her website here, and do be sure to follow along on all the behind-the-scenes action on her projects on her Instagram account. She has honestly introduced me to so many fantastic designers, her own home is drool-worthy, and her personal style is on point, so you won't want to miss following along with Alyssa!


Anonymous said...

Wow! Stunning photography indeed

Lexi Fink said...

Loved this article! Really connected with her home being "visual relief" at the end of the day. Hope she does a book soon!

Lily said...

Great photos! I love reading interviews. Learning a lot form every one!

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