Thursday, June 30, 2016

Design Inspiration | Dark Greens

Naomi Watts home via AD

This isn't your 90's green people - call it forest, hunter, emerald, whatever you like - dark greens are officially making a huge comeback. It's a jewel-toned, rich, and quite luxe version of the hue. Let's start with one of my favorite designers Meredith Heron who has been selecting gorgeous greens for her own home as well as her clients, trust me when I say you need to be following along with her sneak peeks of a project on Instagram - three words: Green Lacquered Kitchen!

Meredith Heron - featuring the jffabrics Meredith Heron Collection Vol 1 wallcoverings
and #jfmeredithheron Salute Fabric

It's lots of fun to follow Studio McGee on Snapchat (I'm finally on there as @marcusdesign!), they've been showcasing dark green projects using BM Hunter Green as seen below:

Here's a lovely green-black they utilized in a home office, so rich! (BM Salamander)

A stunning mossy-green tile at the Waterworks showroom on Melrose Place:

Waterworks showroom via La Dolce Vita

And of course I found plenty of inspiration, modern & traditional, on Pinterest!

 Brett Heyman

Watch out for green goodness, guaranteed you will begin to notice it around!



agnes szucs said...

Haha, I also see green everywhere now... It seems to be almost inescapable.

agnes / iiiinspired / pieces-of-mine

Lydia M.E. Schrader said...

just found your blog! And i love this post! I'm so ready for hunter green! emerald green! I'm in! :)

Thomas Maloney said...

Ther'es something that is very grounding and natural about the shade of green that's used on the storage cabinetry here! It even almost seems royal to an extent because of how deep and rich the colour is!

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