Wednesday, August 24, 2016

7 Lessons In Layering | The Home Of William McLure

Designer and artist William McLure has the real know-how when it comes to layering objects in a space. His entire home is a study on creating the perfect vignette. There are a few lessons I felt I could take from his work, let's take a closer look through:

1) It's ok to place art in front of art!! Leaning one piece against another really has a "collected over time" vibe I am loving.

2) Blue & white will always be right. And the ginger jars he has utilized in his home help create timeless vignettes.

3) Books on every surface possible - when you think you have too many, you should probably add a couple more. And place natural objects with texture on top of those books!

4) Look closely, there's even artwork leaned against the wall UNDER the table. And books stacked under William's bed! More is more.

5) Never forget flowers & lighting (like this lamp) of course, when creating a tabletop vignette.

6) Place artwork above the doorframe to keep the hallway interesting!

7) Drapes and blinds can be happily married :) And in general you can see the use of fabrics is key. Drapery around the bed, different patterns and textures on pillows, furnishings, and rugs.

It's fun to see how the home of a designer evolves over time. William reinvented his living room to what you saw above - it actually used to be all red & blue! But key pieces are re-used and I love to see how they can be rethought and worked into a new design plan. And you can easily see his principles of layering in these images as well. Lots of texture, artwork, and trinkets:

To see more from William, including his fantastic artwork, hop over here for his site and here for his very inspiring instagram account.

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Lily said...

I love the concept of layering art! The house looks amazing! Noticed the details.

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