Friday, August 5, 2016

August | Hamptons Style Inspiration

There's nothing that says easy, breezy, and chic more than the fabulous Coastal style of the Hamptons. This time of year I am particularly drawn to all-things-beach. I love the use of blues, greys & whites, and a dose of refined brass & polished nickel for contrast against all that relaxed wicker and rattan! Here's some inspiration and a favorite products list to get the Hamptons vibe. Funny enough the spaces I chose to showcase aren't all found in the Hamptons; we've got everything from Nashville, to California, to Australia represented - however I think you'll all agree they carry that perfect sophisticated summer style:

I saw school supplies in Costco this week ... all I can say is, hang on to these fleeting last moments of summer this weekend my friends!!


Barbara Matson said...

I saw Halloween candy at Save on!!!! Nooooo!

Hot as a Pistol said...

We are hanging on to the last days as well, beautiful pictures of one of my favorite spots on the east coast!

Edward Thirlwall said...

A lot of the items here really look quite opulent and it exudes a feeling of expensiveness! At the same time, if this were my home, I'd keep the sculptures and art pieces to a minimum or in storage. Maybe coz I can't afford that many to begin with! Hah!

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