Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Fleeting Days Of Summer | Poolside Decor

This is it, sad to say but we are in the final stretch of summer! We have been enjoying some glorious heat here in Vancouver, and I'm clinging desperately to these last moments. I'm being drawn to all the lovely beach and poolside photos I see in my instagram feed lately, and particularly to this amazing one acre Lake Forest, Illinois estate owned by interior designer Shelley Johnstone. She has what very likely may be the best outdoor entertaining layout ever:

There is quite a lot to love here, including all those boxwood hedges and hydrangeas everywhere!

The poolside cabana is equipped with a bathroom and outdoor shower:

Love this little added gravel patio, so charming. Can you picture yourself sitting down with a good book here?

All of the color Shelley utilized is so fresh. And all that PINK! Shelley has 5 boys. You read that right ... FIVE.

I love that Shelley shares her tablescapes and backyard views with us on Instagram stories, you will have to check out her lovely account. I especially love the views of this space at night with all the twinkling tree lights and glow of the pool. I have no clue why one would ever need to leave home, or stay in a hotel. I for one, would never leave!

Do have a peek through her portfolio as well, she's given me plenty of inspiration for my recent entry table dilemma:

And one last snap shot that captivated me, a current kitchen project - just look at those light fixtures!

To see more from Shelley Johnstone Design, hop over here. Hope you are enjoying the warm weather to the fullest!

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