Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Decor Inspiration | The Skirted Table

A skirted table brings instant glamour to any room. We often see the use of these tables in entry ways, hallways, formal dining rooms & reading rooms. And don't forget the bonus hidden storage underneath! There are so may gorgeous examples to glean from:

It seems you can tell that a tailored, structured look with tape trim is definitely in! It adds just the right amount of detailing and highlights shape without being too fussy. I think that tape trim on and octagonal table combined with inverted pleats is what I would choose in my own home. You can also include a bullion fringe to create an even more formal look:

How about as a bedside table? This would be perfect for my guest room!

And as a dining room table is pretty fantastic as well:

You can create a custom look for your home by working with Tonic Living, as featured in this months House & Home magazine, I just love the tape trim detailing on this navy one:

I loved seeing two variants on pleats in this months High or Low in Style at Home magazine, using the same fabric (Buffalo check pattern at $33 a yard) Tonic Living created a skirted table with 3 box pleats for $160 (sewing cost), versus 1 box pleat for $105! So you can see how affordable it would be to get the look if you had a table already, and only had to choose a fabric & sewing, add an inexpensive glass top and voilĂ ! You have a luxe look:

You can also purchase ready-to-go skirted tables from One Kings Lane, as part of the new OKL furniture collection:

Hope I've convinced you that a regal skirted table can truly become an elegant focal point in a room! This is definitely one furnishing that I will be looking to add to my own home in the future, so I'll be tucking away these examples for a future project :)


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