Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Design Inspiration | The Marble Sink

We all love marble, and it seems we are learning more about how to maintain this beautiful natural stone, resulting in a spike in it's use in kitchens and bathrooms in the past few years. When we look at European countries, we can see great examples of living with marble (for decades!) and accepting all of it's porous and etch-prone characteristics. In my home I've used marble on the bathroom counters, the kitchen island, and the kitchen backsplash, and I think in each of these spaces it is what elevates the room to a more luxurious state. I wash with warm soapy water (nothing containing lemon/acidic chemicals) and a soft microfiber rag and so far so good with the maintenance!

What about a marble sink? If I had the budget, I would have done it! I love the examples I've found searching online, and it's amazing how this material can so easily covert to either an ultra-modern or uber-traditional look depending on the design. Whether a vessel, seemless sink, or farm-house apron sink, the look is timeless. And for me, I'm drawn to the heavily-veined varieties, I think I'd choose a Statuario or similar marble.

Love that seemless look integrated into the counters - clean up would be so easy!!

source unknown

via Veranda

I'm really loving the black versions as well - so rich and sophisticated in it's simplicity:

How about a combination effect enveloped in wood? It sure creates lovely tension between the two materials:

What do you think, if you had the chance would you use a marble sink?

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