Friday, September 16, 2016

Friday's Favorites To Follow

Have you come across the Instagram account of Australian-based Aaron Bourne? He is the Creatie Director of a boutique lifestyle store in Toowoomba, Queensland called Harolds Finishing Touches. His creative vision and design aesthetic is so consistent that you may sometimes be fooled by which photos are his personal home and which are his shop! You can sense the collected, clean, masculine sensibility from just a peek at his account:

I love all the pops of green, orange, or blue & white throughout his entire instagram feed. I feel like this is also what I imagine chic outback Australian design sense to convey. Apparently the motto in Queensland is, "Beautiful one day. Perfect the next." That sounds about right! And ps. Aaron's IG stories featuring video clips throughout his polished home are quite lovely. Be sure to hop over here and follow along.


Nancy said...

its so funny how many Australian instragrammers i follow much eye candy from down under. love the look too.

Monica said...

Wonderful post love the blue and white accents in bedroom and the door in photo with zebra rug i am still drooling over...I started following him Instagram now. Happy Friday

Belinda from Gallerie B said...

Hi Nancy, I live in Australia and follow them too. Thanks so much for featuring some of our local talent. Love your work too! x

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