Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Textbook Tuesday | Segreto Vignettes

Even though I haven't been a student myself for several years, and I'm not headed back to teaching this fall as I am still on maternity leave - to me September will ALWAYS mean 'back to school.' Whether you have kids or not, whether you are studying or not, you can't help but be intrigued by all the stationary & pencils lining the store shelves, and many of us think of the fall as a fresh start to a new year. My mind always goes to books, I'm a true lover of books - and now that we've recently moved and my hubby has pointed out on more than one occasion that BOOKS were literally half of the boxes we packed, I feel a small twig of guilt every time I get a new one! But I can't stop, and I won't stop :)

So for this fall I'd love to start a new little series, reviewing several of my favorite new book releases with you. Most will be décor of course, but I may throw in a few others here and there. I'm starting off with a fantastic large volume design and resource inspiration; Segreto Vignettes by Leslie Sinclair. I was so excited when my copy arrived in the mail - it's gorgeous inside and out, I love that Leslie mentions she learned from her daughter Kirby, "that it’s just as important to make coffee table books an artful accessory as it is to fill the pages with beautiful inspirations and useful information!" Well Leslie has truly done just that. Have a peek:

Leslie's inspiration was to create a design reference for readers to not only learn about finishing, but to view different cabinet styles, stone, lighting, staircase railings, floors, counter surfaces, furnishings and more. She's thoroughly included every designer's name and many of the furnishings you see in each image. There are tips on how to choose the perfect white paint, how to disguise the TV, how to choose paint sheen, and a massive resource directory - at 336 pages it really is an invaluable reference tool.

I personally enjoyed the section on lime-washing brick exteriors, and Leslie shares the transformation of her own home. I will definitely be referencing this myself as I'm hoping to do something similar with our red bricks!!

Oh, and another favorite Segreto Finishes speciality of mine is the hand-painted wall murals, I fall in love every time. There is of course, a section on wall murals in the book!

You can order your copy of Segreto Vignettes here, and be sure to follow along with owner of Segreto Leslie Sinclair on instagram and on her fantastic blog.


Monica said...

Lime wash that is wonderful...I made my husband look at your post to see the potential...thank you!!

Leslie Sinclair said...

What a special surprise to see such a wonderful post from someone I admire so much! Thank you so much!! I hope all your readers will enjoy! xo Leslie

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