Thursday, October 20, 2016

A Heavenly (Dental) Office Design

I know, I know ... you read the title of this post and quickly concluded, 'Ok, now Nancy has really gone and lost her mind.' A chic dental office? YES! Designed by Summer Thornton, Jennifer Burge Heller's Illinois-based Family Dentistry clinic is a space I could literally move into. Kudos to Dr. Heller for taking the stark uncomfortable medical office environment we typically envision and turning it on it's head!

Just look at that sweet play area for the kiddos! It's nursery-worthy with the Fornasetti Nuvolette on the ceiling, just stunning.

This is the only shot where I can (barely) tell that it's a dental office. And still, so chic and classy, can you imagine your dentist installing brass wall-mount traditional faucets?

Can you even imagine? I'm jealous of her patients. You'd almost want to book an extra dental visit each year in order to visit this lovely space! Summer is so talented, visit her website for a look through her stunning portfolio, and follow along on IG for all of her behind the scenes design inspiration.

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Anonymous said...

Wow. I think I'd become a patient of this dentist just so I could ogle the décor. Well done. It's a beautiful office.

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