Monday, November 21, 2016

Holiday Tablescape Inspiration | Casa De Perrin

The Christmas season is nearly upon us! And for my lovely friends South of the border, it's your big Thanksgiving long weekend in a matter of days. With Holiday's on the brain, I thought I'd lend a bit of inspiration through an Instagram account that has inspired me greatly (I even turn to their images when setting my flatware)! Casa De Perrin, an LA-based luxury tabletop design brand, is everything my Holiday-feast-loving heart could wish for. Here are a few examples that I adore, especially those that include gold flatware, and stunning made-in-Italy chargers (which you can rent as well).

Who would have thought of a muted & earthy blush for a Thanksgiving table, but doesn't it look stunning?

Add blue & white, you can virtually never go wrong:

Casa De Perrin does gourds & mini pumpkins in the most LUXE ways I've ever seen:

Again with the blush tones, if I told you to paint your pumpkins pink would you think I was crazy? But just look how good it looks with the matte grey, white, and the touch of succulent plants!

The Florentine chargers are an elegant addition to any festive table;

And after Thanksgiving has come and gone, maybe it's time to dive into some traditional red & green.

I also loved this last table for the addition of tiny LED battery operated lights, how wonderful would the ambience be from their glow!

Hope that gives you a few ideas for your own table. I love an excuse to 'extra-decorate' ;) To see more from Casa De Perrin, visit their website and ever-inspiring instagram account. Happy Holiday-ing!

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Marsha Splenderosa said...

I love Casa de Perrin ! Their unique way of tablesetting is just awesome and as their hallmark one can recognize it anywhere. Great post !!

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