Monday, November 28, 2016

House Tour | Megan Winters

I had seen a couple of these rooms in passing but never knew the house they belonged to ... a little digging and I fell upon the home of Chicago-based Megan Winters. I would describe Megan's signature style as being bold, dramatic, erring on the traditional side. As you will see in a few examples below, she loves to work with symmetry and enjoys including a major pop of color. Take a look at the lovely Green Bay home she designed below:

There are so many beautiful homes Megan has designed and shares on her website! It's all very tailored and crisp isn't it?

In other (non-related) news - we are headed out for baby Marcus' first meeting with the big guy in the red suit today. I am very curious to see how it's going to turn out, my money's on a full crying session! I'll be sure to post the results on my instagram if you are curious of the outcome :)


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