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Elegance At Home | Aerin Lauder

We've all looked to Aerin Lauder for examples of exquiste taste through the years. Her style is very much of days-gone-by, which I for one admire and am drawn to. Elegance is the perfect word, and I feel like we all crave a little more elegance these days. So I've rounded up some of my favorite spaces in Aerin's homes, and seeing as Christmas is just over two weeks away I've included examples of how Aerin decorates and entertains for the holidays. One can only assume Grandma Estée would be proud.

I love Aerin's love for the anemone flower. Take note of how many times she uses them in these spaces, they photograph so well.

One of my favorite details in Aerin's Manhattan office; artwork so perfectly leaning along the floor - and among the pieces special notes written by her sons.

Framed floating postcards from her grandmother Estée hang above Aerin's nightstand:

Let's turn to Christmas decor. As you can see from several rooms pictured above, Aerin loves blue and white, and in fact claims it is part of her "decorating DNA." So it seems fitting that over the years we have seen Aerin do blue & white at Christmas:

So timeless! Aerin explains, "I love holiday parties—going to them, hosting them—it is such a fun time of year. I especially like how holiday gatherings span generations. From grandparents to little ones, everyone is together having a great time. With so many different ages at my own parties, I like to offer food that appeals to everyone whether they are 5 or 85.  I always serve pigs in blankets, smoked salmon on toast, cheese puffs, and crab cakes. Desserts like Christmas and gingerbread cookies, peppermint ice cream and brownies are impossible to resist. Vintage cocktail napkins in red and green embroidered with holly, Santas, or initials are stacked on tables. I always place treats like chocolate balls, peppermint sticks, ribbon candy, nuts and popcorn in gold nesting bowls around the apartment. I love how gold accents make everything feel more festive." 

Her use of gold accessories is perfection! And the gingerbread houses and bowls of candies she displays show that elegant decor can still be relatable and fun.

Love the little adornments like these branches and acorns atop the place settings:

One thing I love about the way Aerin has decorated throughout the years is that she is not afraid of a heavy dose of red. Many shy away from this 'traditional' Christmas color for fear of being too obvious. She makes it look so chic every time. 

"I decorate my apartment with lots of red everywhere during the holidays—peonies, dahlias, and berries. I’ll wrap garlands around the stairs and over the fireplace mantle. In the den, I play Christmas movies like Miracle on 34th Street or Rudolph on the TV.   When it is time to leave, I have small gifts like scented candles wrapped in gold paper and ribbon waiting at the door a custom my grandmother taught me many years ago," said Aerin. 

The decor at Aerin's Hampton-based shop:

And lastly, Aerin's tablescape and tree from this season, complete with a whimsical gingerbread house and reindeer crackers:

For Aerin, who also celebrates Hanukkah with her family, the focus of holiday entertaining is to create a setting that feels both inviting and luxurious. She told Elle Decor, "most of all, it's about tradition and the spirit of the season, " she says. "I love to create a sense that this is a special time of year." Well put, I'd say that is what we all strive for!



Cocoweb said...

Gorgeous decor!

Anonymous said...

Do you know what blue and white fabric is in the first picture? Is it Quadrille?

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