Thursday, January 5, 2017

House Tour | A Manhattan Jewel Box

This 1,800 square-foot upscale Upper East Side apartment along the famed fifth avenue actually began as a hotel in the late 1920's. Dallas-based interior designer Cathy Kincaid truly brought it to its ultimate potential with the perfect mix of old and new, ornate and simple. And although this was featured in Veranda magazine a year ago, it seems we are only just catching up to the trends exhibited here: hand-painted non-repeating wallpapers, dark green tones, and oversized traditional prints to name just a few.

This apartment is a real testament of the importance of mixing antique and contemporary pieces. I also adore the application of a single oversized paisley pattern to the bedroom's walls, curtains, and upholstery. One might think this would result in 'busy-ness,' but I would argue the effect is soothing and cohesive.

Oh, and the lacquered ceilings throughout. Amazing! This is not an easy feat as they would need to be perfectly smoothed before application (every flaw shows), so I appreciate the work that went into making this home a show-stopping jewel box. And this hallway art arrangement needs to happen in my home:

What an incredible space! To see more from Cathy Kincaid's extensive portfolio you can hop here, and be sure to check out my Dissecting the Details post on La Dolce Vita blog this week looking at four elements Cathy utilizes in her bedroom designs.

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Lily said...

This is a piece of art! Love it!

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