Friday, January 27, 2017

House Tour | Uptown Manhattan Apartment

I've professed my love for McGrath II in a recent post, and Suzanne and Lauren McGrath have done it again. In a current feature on Architectural Digest's website, we get a glimpse into a stunning NYC apartment with classic furnishings and traditional detailing:

I love that modern take on a traditional glass door hutch or china cabinet in the kitchen! I also love that the designers explain that they often start a room with the rug as the jumping off point - it's always fun to hear about different designers' processes! This stripped beauty below was created by McGrath II in conjunction with Holland and Sherry.

And the Phillip Jeffries silk wallcovering is to die for:

Another detail that shouldn't be missed is the custom millwork surrounding the mirror to give it architectural detail:

Overall, this lovely apartment feels so timeless and fresh. Nothing trendy that will be tossed out in 5 years, which I absolutely love. After all, these designers coined the phrase 'good bones, great pieces,' and I couldn't agree more with that approach! To see more from McGrath II, hop here.


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