Wednesday, January 4, 2017

La Fleur Du Jour | Anemones

The image above from the bedroom of Lindsey Coral Harper has been a recent source of inspiration for me, largely because of those beautiful fuchsia blooms. I'd like to propose anemones as the fleur du jour, the flower of 2017. Peonies have certainly had their moment in the spotlight! Last month, in my blog post on Aerin Lauder's holiday style I mentioned that the taste-maker seemed to strategically place anemones throughout her home. Alexa Hampton has proclaimed purple anemones as her favorite flower, and recently Meredith Heron mentioned she hoped to see more of these beauties in 2017 - I couldn't agree more. Whether gorgeously jewel toned or soft delicate blush, the anemone creates the perfect bouquet for any space.

How about anemones as art-work? Who can resist the over-sized floral photographs from Paul Lange?

Klimt flowers

Will you be incorporating these gems in your home this year? They typically bloom in both spring and fall, so plenty of time to hunt for the perfect bunch for your space!


1 comment:

Meredith Heron said...

LOVVVEEE!! We just installed a Paul Lange Peony in our Rye NY project and let me tell you it takes your breath away!

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