Monday, January 9, 2017

Winter-White Rooms To Inspire

Veranda magazine has been at the top of my must-read list this past year, every issue inspires me to no end. The first issue of 2017, focussing on winter-white interiors, is no exception. I devoured every featured space and have posted a few of my favorites to share with you below. So you can imagine my excitement when I discovered my One Room Challenge white-marble slathered bathroom project amongst the glossy pages! A big thank you to ATG Stores for collaborating with me and for selecting my One Room Challenge as their feature, and to photographer Tracey Ayton for making this space look so darn good!

Now, when we say it's a 'white interiors' issue, I do want you to take note of how much more to it there is than that. Truthfully, if you look long enough at each of the designed spaces below, you with begin to notice the complexity of all the layers present that keep an overall fresh and bright look, BUT are way more than just white. There's texture: seagrass, lacquered ceilings, drapery, hits of warm metals and black anchoring every single space. There's beige, tan, brown, blue, grey and greige. Truthfully these are not all-white rooms, and that's what makes them so beautiful. But it takes some time for your eye to see that:

The amount of texture, pattern, fabric, and soft colors used proves that these top-notch designers know how to expertly trick you into thinking these are completely white palettes. Each room is the perfect balance of a fresh and bright space that remains warm and inviting. Kudos to those listed above, because truthfully that's a hard balance to accomplish!

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Hannah said...

I absolutely love your taste!

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