Monday, February 27, 2017

House Tour | CWB Architects

This 4000 sq ft Greek-revival row house in Brooklyn has recently been restored in 2015 to its original formality, with several modern finishes for a young family of five. I love that what CWB Architects, along with the designers at Fearins & Welch, accomplished ends up looks elegant without being too precious to enjoy. All of the classic and traditional boxes have been ticked:

My favorite style of dining chair, the Louis chair in black leather is what I would wish for should my budget allow one day!

I never think of canary yellow in interiors, but look how glorious this chair fabric looks!

Gorgeous wallcovering and corner sink tucked into a small space, it proves you can make a big statement no matter the square footage you are working with:

So many lovely bathrooms in this home! My guess is there's one designated for the kids (another great pop of yellow) and one main bath for guests, both are fitted with very classic fixtures:

I adore the door architraves and the herringbone flooring with a walnut inlay border ... the stuff dreams are made of ...

And it looks as though the home has two entry ways, or perhaps one as a back entry? Regardless, both are lovely:

See more from CWB Architects and Fearins and Welch on their webpages (sooo many good projects). Happy new week everyone!


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Monika Bon said...

Sometimes a combination of different colors of furniture can surprise.

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