Monday, March 20, 2017

Designer Profile | Ashley Whittaker

New York-based Ashley Whittaker's stunning red lacquered window seat truly makes a splash on the cover of this month's House Beautiful. It made me excited and anxious to dive into my copy when it arrived in the mail last week! Funny enough I had just days before completed an installment of Dissecting the Details (on La Dolce Vita blog) highlighting Ashley's work. To say I'm a fan is really an understatement, I love Ashley's use of color and texture and I find her rooms so appealing. Here are a few more images from this month's House Beautiful feature:

The purple lacquer on the walls is pretty amazing (Fine Paints of Europe's G17150), I think I would call it aubergine. And I'm a big fan of the diamond sisal rugs that Ashley often selects for her projects:

Multiple rooms in the home are saturated in deep jewel tones; if that doesn't say cozy and inviting, I don't know what does! (Farrow & Ball Hague Blue):

Soothing grass cloth for the principal bedroom:

After posting on Ashley's living rooms last week, and now seeing her newest project, I decided to include a few more of my favorite Ashley Whittaker rooms in this post. Here are some of my favorites to date, in 'quintessential Ashley' style:

Some of my favorite elements that Ashley utilizes throughout her work include bold color and prints, feminine furnishings and antiques, and a traditional foundation with millwork and the perfect flooring & rugs. I need a diamond sisal rug in my life! :)

To see more from Ashley's HB feature hop here, and her stunning portfolio here.



Anonymous said...

Need a diamond sisal in my life too. Maybe you could do a post on finding them?

Lily said...

The colors are so intense and everything have such a nice contrast! Love it so much!

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