Monday, April 10, 2017

Art Inspiration | Architectural Prints

I have professed my love of the architectural rendering time and time again. My favorite art form I think! In groupings or alone, these traditional and often historical pieces instantely add sophistication to any room. And what is lovely to see is that they can nicely compliment a modern space as much as a traditional one. I thought it might be nice for me to have all of my favorite examples of this style of artwork saved in one place so I decided to share this round up of my favorites with all of you:

I love the natural aged sepia look of many of these authentic prints:

Old French and Italian garden maps are so lovely in groupings. These pictured below are from Sochier Marin.

Love the pieces that run length-wise like this stunning pair used by Meredith Heron:

This has always been a favorite bedroom I've saved, and I think one of the major factors is the large scale prints flanking the bed.

Architectural photography is a whole second post - so many favorites I've saved in this style as well! These always follow the BIGGER is better rule.

Maybe my current favorite example saved for last? I think it is the combination of the tight grid placement and the grasscloth backdrop that is so striking here, it really catches my eye!

You can purchase these types of prints at a wide variety of price points and styles, of course some being authentic renderings or scans of originals, while others are recent re-makes of this style of artwork. For the refined art collector, Elizabeth Legge Fine Antique Prints and Engravings is the only way to go! This esteemed collection carries authentic pieces dating from the 16th century to the 1800's:

At a mid-range price point, Wisteria sells ready-to-hang large size framed prints:
And then of course there is a huge selection via Etsy, check Majestic Prints for scans of original renderings, and paperwords11 who creates original modern-day prints including French and Italian garden maps that can be hung in groups. Do you have any favorite examples of these prints being used? Other sources you'd love to share? 


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Wendelin said...

Gorgeous! Your blog is always an inspiration!

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