Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Current Obsession | The Bouillotte Lamp

In my quest to place antiques in every room of my home, my latest obsession has become the Buillotte Lamp (pronounced boo YAHT). This 18th century French gem was created specifically for a wildly popular card game of the same name. This style of table lamp typically has two to four adjustable candle brackets which share a common metal shade that was meant to protect the card players eyes from glare, and couldn't be fabric as candles would have burned through (since the lightbulb was yet to be invented!). This is also why you see a brass dish at the base - it would catch melting candle wax as well as hold the game chips.

Nowadays you can find lovely electric examples of these stunning pieces, if you are lucky you may come across one in a local antique shop, on craigslist, or on ebay. For a pretty penny you might even find a rare pair!

Like this lovely pair on a traditionally set table by tastemaker Carolyne Roehm:

But don't let this little traditional-style lamp fool you - it fits in just perfectly in a transitional or modern space as well:

I very much love these lamps in cozy spaces and find them so perfectly suited to a library or home office:

And of course there is no question the Buillotte is chic if Jackie O had placed them in her home:

Quite a lovely little piece of history, non? Have fun searching all the styles, shapes, and sizes on eBay ... just promise me you won't out-bid me! ;)



Erin Burke said...

Thank you for the history lesson! I love these lamps.

Amy, Home Glow Design said...

Love this post! I've always loved a bouillotte, especially in libraries. :)

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