Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Must Listen Interior Design Podcasts

My commute can be up to two hours of my day, five times a week. Truthfully it's an exhausting part of my routine, and feels like a huge part of my day is wasted behind the wheel. However, I've found a little remedy that has really helped me to pass the time. I've starting listening to podcasts, and the interior design podcasts I've been tuning in to have taught me so much about some of my favorite designers and how they got started in the world of design. Through basic interview formats, I've learned what inspires creativity, how these professionals work with clients and contractors, and how the interior design industry really works. If you are as design and decor obsessed as I am I think you need to tune in! Here are 4 podcasts I've begun to follow and subscribe to:

(1) The first design podcast I began to follow was Million Dollar Decorating, hosted by James Swan. James asks intriguing questions and follows a specific format when chatting with each well-known designer, and the best part is that a new episode is released daily. Favorite episodes include a recent chat with Bunny Williams and this weeks episode with one of my design favorites Marianne Simon.

(2) Ballard Designs released a podcast that has quickly become a favorite as well. How To Decorate starts off feeling like a lovely little chat with your girlfriends on the sofa on a Friday night, as the hosts begin every episode talking about their decorating 'trials and triumphs.' This is followed up with a chat with some heavy-hitters in the design industry. I ate up every word of this interview with Suzanne Kasler.

(3) I've just begun to listen to The Chaise Lounge by Nick May, who interviews designers on how they started their businesses and how they navigate the challenges of the design industry. He focuses on the business aspect, even sharing specific tools such as 'how to build a website for under $500.'

(4) This last one is also quite new to me; A Well Designed Business, hosted by LuAnn Nigara, is also a business savvy session. I love some of the guests LuAnn has included, and her current series is in conjunction with the Design Bloggers Conference. You'll always find something entertaining and informative here.

I've already learned so much through what I've been listening to in the past several weeks, and it's so fun to hear the voices and advice of some of my favorite designers. Some take-away's I've gathered so far: each designer has a very personal story about how they entered this field, many are branching into product design and collaborations (which in itself is an interesting story to hear!), they'll all tell you that interior design is 90% business and 10% pretty, and last but not least - they are all extremely passionate about what they do!

Do you have a favorite design podcast? If so, please leave your recommendation below!

Image 1 via La Petite Madame
Image 3-5 via Mark D. Sikes



Mihai Pintilie said...

I love this! Thank you for sharing this resource!

Grace @ Sense and Simplicity said...

I love Young House Love has a Podcast. I'll have to give your recommendations a try. I also enjoy them on the commute.

Lauren Alexander said...

Great idea! I love interior design but I've never downloaded a podcost before! Downloading some now for my 1.5 hour commute! :)

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