Tuesday, May 9, 2017

5 Favorite Front Door Looks

I'm a sucker for a stunning front entry, and the nicer it gets outside the more time I've been spending sprucing up our front steps. We still have to paint the trim around our exterior doorway, and once I'm done I will definitely post a peek here. For today, I've collected images of some of my all-time favorite exterior doors, and 5 looks I am always drawn to:

1. LACQUERED - The shinier, the better! These stunners below caught my eye on some of my favorite IG feeds. And those central door knobs!!

photo via Matthew Cane Designs

photo via Shelley Johnstone Design 

2. DEEP BLACK - A black door is probably my favorite in terms of color. The ladies at Kapito Muller Interiors are often posting the amazing doors they see around NYC, such as this one below. 

photo via Kapito Muller Interiors

My own front door below got painted in high gloss Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black:

3. SHADES OF BLUE - Besides black I find myself pinning blue doors constantly. Whether aqua, pastel, cobalt or navy, I adore them all! Miles Redd's famous door just below is an unforgettable blue:

Such a pretty pale blue from Elizabeth Kimberly:

And this navy stunner from Massucco Warner Miller:

4. AIRY WHITE & GLASS - Nothing beats a glass door with an intricate detail like this one from Bill Ingram Architect's office:

I also loved this one from a previous Hampton's Showhouse, it's the perfect beachy airy look, and the symmetry with the boxwoods here is so lovely:

photo via Marianne Simon

5. ARCHWAY - Last but not least, I love a traditional arch. You can't beat neoclassic design!

CWB Architects

photo via Marianne Simon

Any favorite door details that you have that I missed?



Lily said...

I love every piece! I like those on black!

Eenie said...

Your. Own door is beautiful! Did you have it sprayed or lacquered?

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