Wednesday, May 24, 2017

House Tour | Bill Ingram Architect

This stunning little home in Birmingham Alabama by Bill Ingram Architect and featured by House Beautiful is a perfect example of proper proportions and scale. I am really drawn to the 3 gables on top and the shingled facade. I love all of the details and the overall clean look with touches of antiques and mixes of texture:

I remember being very smitten with these wood cabinets and brass campaign hardware the first time I saw this photo of the kitchen:

The bathroom is stunning as well, and these rooms aren't huge! It goes to show that you can work with any size of space and create something of beauty. Just look at that simple subway tile wrapping the ceiling:

And it's the soothing bedroom that is probably my most favorite space. It's just pretty:

I've also included a few of my favorite shots of some other homes Bill Ingram has included in his extensive portfolio, I am so drawn to his exteriors! The neo-classical details are simply breathtaking:

Even his own studio facade is so eye-catching, Bill has an incredible sense of space and creativity. Very aspirational:

To see more of the work of Bill Ingram Architect, hop to his site here and be sure to follow him on instagram as well.


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Lily said...

Absolutely beautiful! I love that little house!

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