Friday, May 19, 2017

Latest Obsession | Matching Upholstery & Wallpaper

Everyone knows that the mark of a talented designer is the ability to mix patterns, but I'd like to convince you that one matching pattern throughout a space can have just as much (or even more) impact. Often dubbed 'camouflaging' a room, it creates a bold statement with a unified look. Using the same pattern on the upholstered pieces and the walls may be thought of as an older look, very Dorothy Draper perhaps, but if you take a look at these spaces I think you'll quickly see the modern versions are stunning and fresh.

To keep the look modern, using large scale prints, fresh color palettes, and a maximum of 2-3 upholstered pieces in a space ensures the look is not overwhelming or too 'matchy.' The examples above and below from some of my favorite designers illustrate this so well. I also have to admit to being totally in love with the examples where the paper and the fabric are intentionally and perfectly aligned with each other (this really illustrates the camouflaging effect where the furnishing almost disappears into the backdrop), as in Shelley Johnstone's space here:


Stunning, non? Let's not call this one a 'trend,' truthfully it's a look that never left and I believe no matter how it's modernized or modified, it'll be here to stay.


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