Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Children's Rooms With Storybook Charm

I love the children's room I come across lately with old-world charm, as if somewhere on an English country-side estate, they look as though you truly could have stepped right into a story book. The look is created by the use of over the top prints and wallpapers, heavy doses of chinz and toile, canopy beds and fantastic bedding. Here is a look through a few favorites:

La Maison Pierre Frey wallpaper, Victoria Maria Interior Design

I love this modern version of a fabric canopy with a larger scale floral print in Paloma's recent work she shared:

La Maison Pierre Frey and Ralph Lauren Home prove that bedding can provide the pattern needed:

La Maison Pierre Frey bedcover, Scot Meacham Wood Home

Equestrian chic Ralph Lauren Home

It's kind of obvious that I would be drawn to the nursery of a sweet baby girl named Nancy, her mother is the oh-so-chic Vogue contributing editor Alice Naylor-Leyland:

Speaking of which, I love Alice's photography and the shots she takes of her children in these sprawling perfectly opulent English bedrooms, it's all very old-world chic (Alice is a must follow on instagram)!

What are the children's rooms and nursery looks you are drawn to lately? Any favorites you see here?


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Scot Meacham Wood said...

Thank you for including the charming bedroom from our recent project in Vail! Those custom duvets in Pierre Frey textiles REALLY made the sing come alive!


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