Monday, June 12, 2017

Tory Burch At Home | British Vogue

Have you every daydreamed about what real estate you would purchase should money be no object? Well, my guess is a New York City apartment would be high on many of our wishlists. Let's be a little more specific, perhaps an opulent Upper East Side apartment in the 1930's Pierre Hotel facing Central Park ... maybe even joining three separate apartments to create a massive 10-room Manhattan dream. Tory Burch, a self-made billionaire designer, did just that.

I was excited to find a new look inside the style-maven's home on British Vogue this weekend. Even though we've peered into her home many times, it's always fun to see new angles and details never published before:

The rooms branch off of the stately entrance hall which is slathered in Gracie Studio wallpaper:

Here are a few more photos of previously published looks into Tory's home. That mossy-green velvet wallcovering is incredible, the matte appearance perfectly absorbs the light and creates an intimate atmosphere. Several designers have been trying to convince us for years to move away from egg-shell paint and go for a more flattering matte finish; we might not be able to afford the velvet's or silks but Benjamin Moore's new soft touch matte finish called CENTURY would be something I would be interested to try!

Love the view of the entry with the doors open and the view down the hall to the dining room! I also love that there are some interior lights & lamps on in these images, we often see pictures without any interior lighting on, but the glow is actually attractive and inviting.

Tory's home is formal but very friendly at the same time. And we can all agree she's the queen of color. You can read more from the British Vogue article here.



Lily said...

The entry and the hallway are stunning! Beautiful!

Yaman said...
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