Thursday, July 13, 2017

Design Inspiration | Secret Doorways

I love the romantic old-world notion of a hidden door leading to a secret room or closet. I've seen so many styles and have included some of my favorites here today.

I especially love the idea of hidden storage, like this fantastic arched kitchen cupboard which opens on one side to shelving and pull out drawers, and the other side to a walk in pantry!

Substantial millwork and paneling makes everything look chic:

Whether the secret doorway look is sleek and contemporary ...

... or ornate and traditional ... it's chic and it's brings so much interest and intrigue to a space!

The faux-bookcase conjures up imagery of old-world castles and mystery novels, doesn't it? I love the bookcases that close up in Alexa Hampton's New York apartment:

Woody House as seen in Out East by Jennifer Ash Rudick

And you can't go wrong with wallpapering the door!

What do you think, would hidden doors be on your list for your dream house? And if so, which would you choose, storage, wallpapered, paneled, or the bookcase look?


1 comment:

Lily said...

I am in love with secret doors! Wish I have a bigger house and space to build something like this!

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