Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Designer Profile | Nancy Braithwaite

I thoroughly enjoyed a recent podcast interview with Atlanta-based designer Nancy Braithwaite last week and thought I would share some of her stunning work with you today. Nancy's design sensibility exudes elegant simplicity, hence her book, Simplicity is perfectly titled to suit her style. She explained throughout the podcast that she worked years to train her eye and "to edit a world of almost limitless available choices." No matter whether her project is modern or traditional, she consistently creates impact through simple vignettes.

There are a few things we can observe consistently in each of these rooms; firstly, Nancy carefully selects plants/vegetation with impact in each space, secondly she loves adding whimsy with animals, and finally she mixes modern art and antiques in any space to bring it into today's contemporary world.

In Nancy's book, Dara Caponigro writes in her foreword, “After twenty-five years of exposure to the best work out there, I’ve found that it’s simplicity that’s the hardest thing to do well. It is an art. And Nancy Braithwaite has perfected that art.”

I couldn't agree more, I think it would be harder to work towards simplicity than adding layer upon layer to any room! To see more from Nancy's stunning portfolio head here.


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