Friday, September 15, 2017

Friday's Favorite Five

It seems I subconsciously had a bit of a running theme in the favorite photos that I saved this week ... all included insanely fabulous wallcoverings. If you've noticed lately, I have had quite an obsession with chinoiserie wallpaper and murals, and these examples are no exception. I love shades of blue and soft greys, very soothing for the bedroom or bathroom (as seen above in the stunning bathroom slathered in Gracie wallpaper - I will never tire of their handpainted works of art!).

The beautiful example below from one of my favorite Canadian designers, Elizabeth Metcalfe, is the Mary McDonald Chinois Palais for Schumacher:

This natural fiber grasscloth brings amazing texture (Phillip Jeffries):

I love this pink and blue combo by Massucco Warner Miller!

And believe it or not, there are affordable murals out there, check out Murals Sources for more details (love the dramatic curved wall here):

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend! X


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