Monday, December 18, 2017

Art Inspiration: The Sculptural Technique Of Relief

Modeled after Ancient Egyptian reliefs via House Beautiful

There are so many forms of art I am attracted to and hope to add to my own home over time. Relief, the sculptural technique where the sculpted elements remain attached to a backdrop of the same material, is definitely on my favorites list. Typical materials used include stone, ceramics, plaster stucco, or even paper mache. There are also so many different forms, including high-relief or more shallow relief where the background is only slightly lower than the carved sculptures. Here are some examples I have saved to remind myself of my 'dream' wishlist:

I've always admired this gorgeous floral piece at Club Monaco in NYC

Intaglios, as seen below, are a beautiful old-world example of this art form. I would love to purchase a set from eBay and have them custom-framed!

Stunning grouping by Suzanne Kasler

And don't be mistaken, this form of art can easily be seen in both traditional old-world styles or highly modern style if that better suites your space:

Bierly Drake Associates Kips Bay room captured by Brantley Photo; John Barman and Erik R. Smith captured by Simon Upton photos

Incredible Japanese-style bas-relief cardboard art by Domitilla Biondi 

Even simple paint on canvas can achieve the texture and interest of a relief carving:

And as you can see above, the examples I've shared are all in shades of white, either because they are made of stone, plaster, or are mimicking the look of plaster.

What do you think, would you add this type of art to your own home?


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