Monday, January 29, 2018

Chic Exteriors | Climbing Vines

The month of January is nearly through! Can you believe it? In some ways it went insanely fast, and in others snail-paced slow. Let's be honest, I'm posting all about gorgeous exteriors covered in greenery today because I am craving SPRING. Please come! We've spent much of our winter sick this time around because it's Marky's first season at daycare ... everyone warned us he'd be sick all the time but this is actually crazy. Just the past week alone we had to fight through a bout of gastroenteritis and a cold virus. Of course my hubby and I keep catching everything too :(

So needless to say, I'm anxious for those sunny days to return, and for us to continue to work on our landscaping and the exterior of our home. I have always been attracted to climbing vines, and most of the photos in this post I've had saved for a long time as inspiration if we were to ever implement this. We have ugly stucco on the back of our house and I've often pondered if this look could work to pretty/disguise it. But then I've read some vines can penetrate and harm stucco. Do you have experience with any of the different species of vines? Safety to the exterior surface, plant growth rates, or healthiness overall? I live in an overall moist and rainy moderate temperature climate. I would LOVE to hear your thoughts! For now, some warmth-and-hope-of-spring inspiration:


And of course we can't forget to include a few shots of the home of Mark Sikes, covered in glorious California sunshine & ivy worthy of envy:

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Deborah said...

The second photo looks like Creeping Fig. My back wall is convered with it and its wonderful but needs lots of trimming. As it gets older, the leaves get bigger and finally it grows figs! It grows right on our stucco.

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