Monday, January 8, 2018

Four Fantastic Kitchens With Ideas To Steal

Happy New Year! I hope you had a wonderful holiday and are beginning to feel back into the swing of things. I'm feeling refreshed after spending some much-needed time with family & friends over Christmas and New Years, and somewhere in between there we celebrated little Marky's second birthday. It was busy but amazing!

I've got a post filled with kitchen-goodness for you today. I've come across 4 kitchens recently in my instagram travels that had me swooning and I thought I would not only share photos but also the reasons why I feel in love with what I fell in love with. Here goes!

photography by Jessica Sample

#4. The Goop Lab kitchen: Gwenyth Paltrow collaborated with Roman and Williams and Waterworks for Goop's first ever permanent retail location. This kitchen was designed to look like a residential kitchen, and I love the style of open shelving that ends in curved brackets, combined with the brass hardware, and stylish enamel Lacanche range. BUT the major lust factor - I never knew I could fall in love with blush colored kitchen cabinetry! If someone asked me, 'hey have you seen that pink Goop kitchen?' I would have thought they were crazy had I not seen these images. 

#3. The Fox Group's Cottonwoods project: I discovered Fox Group Construction via social media and I really loved finding one of their fantastic kitchens complete with herringbone flooring and combined cabinetry finishes. My most-loved element in this space is the metal & glass open shelving against a backdrop of marble! (You may remember I blogged about glass shelving in kitchens here).

Hey, you even get your own indoor pizza oven in this fully-equipped kitchen!

#2. Philip Mitchell's Nova Scotia Cottage kitchen: Philip Mitchell has long been one of my favourite Canadian designers, and I think his previous tiny Toronto condo kitchen was the first to prove to me you could have insanely stunning results in a very small space (you can see images of that kitchen here). He's begun to share sneak peeks of his new cottage kitchen, and I am crossing my fingers and toes that this home will be published soon so that we can see more!!

There are too many things to love, but if I had to name just a few: The built in banquet and sconces, the upper cabinetry with glass panels wrapping around the sides, the antique display case with all of that lettuce ware!! 

I also love Philip's collection of dishware, and you can see in this last shot that the island displays a mix of wood finishes with stunning hardware. Look at those turn-spindle details along the edges!

#1. Alison Pickart's House Beautiful-featured kitchen: This last kitchen was my favourite Christmas/entertaining feature of 2017. If you caught the space in HB you saw it decked out for the holidays with stunning garland wrapping the windows two-storey's high. Designer Alison Pickart recently shared a before photo on her instagram account and I couldn't believe it!

photography by Aaron Leitz

Wow! What a transformation. I love the height and grandeur of this room, and that gorgeous stone flooring. Which of these four kitchens was your favourite? And elements I missed mentioning?


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