Monday, September 26, 2016

Designer Profile | Sarah Bartholomew

Sharing a few examples of the work of Nashville-based designer Sarah Bartholomew. She has much to teach us in getting the perfect mix of formal traditional style & comfortable living. I of course am drawn to her use of blue and white, and I love that she often adds the perfect dose of fresh shades of green. It's preppy and pretty:

Oh, and of course, be sure to check out Sarah's Instagram account where she posts beautiful snippets of her home (see the whole tour here), her work, and her family (she has 4 young children and dogs, her home is such an inspiration!):

Hop here to also visit her portfolio. Have a wonderful week!

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Decor Inspiration | The Skirted Table

A skirted table brings instant glamour to any room. We often see the use of these tables in entry ways, hallways, formal dining rooms & reading rooms. And don't forget the bonus hidden storage underneath! There are so may gorgeous examples to glean from:

It seems you can tell that a tailored, structured look with tape trim is definitely in! It adds just the right amount of detailing and highlights shape without being too fussy. I think that tape trim on and octagonal table combined with inverted pleats is what I would choose in my own home. You can also include a bullion fringe to create an even more formal look:
How about as a bedside table? This would be perfect for my guest room!
And as a dining room table is pretty fantastic as well:
You can create a custom look for your home by working with Tonic Living, as featured in this months House & Home magazine, I just love the tape trim detailing on this navy one:
I loved seeing two variants on pleats in this months High or Low in Style at Home magazine, using the same fabric (Buffalo check pattern at $33 a yard) Tonic Living created a skirted table with 3 box pleats for $160 (sewing cost), versus 1 box pleat for $105! So you can see how affordable it would be to get the look if you had a table already, and only had to choose a fabric & sewing, add an inexpensive glass top and voilĂ ! You have a luxe look:
You can also purchase ready-to-go skirted tables from One Kings Lane, as part of the new OKL furniture collection:
Hope I've convinced you that a regal skirted table can truly become an elegant focal point in a room! This is definitely one furnishing that I will be looking to add to my own home in the future, so I'll be tucking away these examples for a future project :)

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Design Inspiration | The Marble Sink

We all love marble, and it seems we are learning more about how to maintain this beautiful natural stone, resulting in a spike in it's use in kitchens and bathrooms in the past few years. When we look at European countries, we can see great examples of living with marble (for decades!) and accepting all of it's porous and etch-prone characteristics. In my home I've used marble on the bathroom counters, the kitchen island, and the kitchen backsplash, and I think in each of these spaces it is what elevates the room to a more luxurious state. I wash with warm soapy water (nothing containing lemon/acidic chemicals) and a soft microfiber rag and so far so good with the maintenance!

What about a marble sink? If I had the budget, I would have done it! I love the examples I've found searching online, and it's amazing how this material can so easily covert to either an ultra-modern or uber-traditional look depending on the design. Whether a vessel, seemless sink, or farm-house apron sink, the look is timeless. And for me, I'm drawn to the heavily-veined varieties, I think I'd choose a Statuario or similar marble.

Love that seemless look integrated into the counters - clean up would be so easy!!
source unknown
via Veranda
I'm really loving the black versions as well - so rich and sophisticated in it's simplicity:
How about a combination effect enveloped in wood? It sure creates lovely tension between the two materials:
What do you think, if you had the chance would you use a marble sink?

Monday, September 19, 2016

Mark D. Sikes | Beautiful

Moving my #textbooktuesday weekly book review a day earlier to share a sneak peek of Mark D. Sikes new project, 'Beautiful' before it's official release tomorrow. When I received my copy and began to pour over the details I quickly realized that beautiful is an understatement! The book is simply stunning, and is a must-add to any design library. I'm not sure how he does it, but Mark manages to marry traditional formality with inviting and effortless comfort. Trust me when I say you will want to examine the details of every featured space!

The book even arrived in chic packaging:

I was so impressed by the number of never before seen projects and variety of styles of Mark's work featured in 'Beautiful.' What an incredibly genius idea, in our oversharing/social media driven world, to hold back 15+ unseen projects and publish them all together in this way.

I also love the way in which the book is divided into 8 chapters, sectioned by color. He makes you focus on what that color can bring and perhaps see it in a way you've never seen it before! With titles like, "Blue and White Forever," "Garden Green," and "Red My Way," you can't help but keep turning the pages to see what's right around the next corner. It's all we have come to know Mark for and more; indigo porcelains, rattan furniture, layers of stripes, relaxed crisp cottons, chinoiserie panels and formal skirted round tables.

We've fallen in love with his fashion endeavor MDS Stripes, his fabric collection for Schumacher, his stunning designs for the two store locations of Draper James, furniture and rug collections on the way, and now comes 'Beautiful.' I think it's safe to say Mark can do it all - and can do it all so well.

The book will be released tomorrow, September 20, and the only place you can preorder a signed copy from Mark is here, or an unsigned copy can be purchased through Amazon here. It's already #1 best seller in interior design and I think we can all see exactly why! As the famed movie producer Nancy Meyers states in her foreward for the book, "He not only shows us, for the first time, the sublime work he's been doing, but he shares his views on how classic can look fresh, and how style and comfort go hand-in-hand ..."

Photography by Amy Neunsinger courtesy of Rizzoli.
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