Friday, May 19, 2017

Latest Obsession | Matching Upholstery & Wallpaper

Everyone knows that the mark of a talented designer is the ability to mix patterns, but I'd like to convince you that one matching pattern throughout a space can have just as much (or even more) impact. Often dubbed 'camouflaging' a room, it creates a bold statement with a unified look. Using the same pattern on the upholstered pieces and the walls may be thought of as an older look, very Dorothy Draper perhaps, but if you take a look at these spaces I think you'll quickly see the modern versions are stunning and fresh.

To keep the look modern, using large scale prints, fresh color palettes, and a maximum of 2-3 upholstered pieces in a space ensures the look is not overwhelming or too 'matchy.' The examples above and below from some of my favorite designers illustrate this so well. I also have to admit to being totally in love with the examples where the paper and the fabric are intentionally and perfectly aligned with each other (this really illustrates the camouflaging effect where the furnishing almost disappears into the backdrop), as in Shelley Johnstone's space here:


Stunning, non? Let's not call this one a 'trend,' truthfully it's a look that never left and I believe no matter how it's modernized or modified, it'll be here to stay.


Thursday, May 18, 2017

Designer Profile | M and M Interior Design

Chicago-based sisters Leslie Martin and Kim Meardon make up the duo behind M and M Interior Design. I was happy to stumble upon their design work through first seeing this fantastic sitting room nook they created for the Lake Forest Show House (below). I love that they mention on their website that they have 8 children between the two of them, and for that very reason are focused on creating family homes that "look incredible and remain functional." Leslie has a background in design and marketing, while Kim began in real estate and home staging. I love their neo-trad style and was very happy to find additional photos of their contribution to the Lake Forest Show House, which included not only the lovely sitting room, but also the adjacent kitchen and small desk area:

The tortoise shell mirror from John Rosselli Antiques is the stuff that dreams are made of!

I really wish I could see more of this island, I love the wood grain (my guess is walnut?). And lamps in the kitchen are a chic look we are going to see more and more of:

A few other pretty snippets from M and M's instagram account:

This is a dynamic duo you should definitely be paying attention to! To see more from their portfolio, hop here to their site.


Friday, May 12, 2017

5 One Room Challenge Spaces | Spring 2017

I've had a lot of fun scouring the One Room Challenge spaces that have been revealed in the past two days, it's honestly such a huge source of inspiration! Not only the design ideas, but also it's motivating when you watch others complete their to-do-lists, it really has me itching to complete a few more things around my own home and do a bit more spring cleaning while I'm at it. If you are newer to this blog you can check out my past One Room Challenge rooms including my first attempts as a guest participant completing my breakfast nook and nursery, and then as a featured designer complete a master bathroom for a family member.

For the Spring 2017 reveals, I've done a bit of the leg-work for you and rounded up 5 of my favorite spaces (though truthfully I easily could have included WAY more); be sure to visit these links to see the full before & afters! Starting off with one of my favorites to follow in this round, House of Brinson's gorgeously green guest bedroom featuring coveted Gracie wallpaper (above - and seriously, that burled dresser! Gah).

Jennifer Flores of Rambling Renovators knocked it out of the park with her classic living room, go to her full reveal to see the Metrie trim, built-ins and window bench she created in this stunning space.

The total re-do of this space by Old Home Love really caught my eye because of the painted out trim carried up toward the ceiling. It's so smart to paint out the baseboards and crown; combined with the new drapery, doesn't it make the ceiling height appear so much higher? 

Vanessa Francis of Decor Happy is seriously one of the most savvy ORC'ers out there, she's done so many rooms and kills it every time. This was no exception, I loved seeing how she made maximum use of a small (literally 10' x 7') work space.

I've been a fan of The Pink Pagoda blog for a long time, hop over to see a Chinoiserie heaven combining blue & green perfectly. 

Hope you enjoyed my list, did you follow along with these or any other spaces being transformed? Any other favorites that I missed?


Tuesday, May 9, 2017

5 Favorite Front Door Looks

I'm a sucker for a stunning front entry, and the nicer it gets outside the more time I've been spending sprucing up our front steps. We still have to paint the trim around our exterior doorway, and once I'm done I will definitely post a peek here. For today, I've collected images of some of my all-time favorite exterior doors, and 5 looks I am always drawn to:

1. LACQUERED - The shinier, the better! These stunners below caught my eye on some of my favorite IG feeds. And those central door knobs!!

photo via Matthew Cane Designs

photo via Shelley Johnstone Design 

2. DEEP BLACK - A black door is probably my favorite in terms of color. The ladies at Kapito Muller Interiors are often posting the amazing doors they see around NYC, such as this one below. 

photo via Kapito Muller Interiors

My own front door below got painted in high gloss Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black:

3. SHADES OF BLUE - Besides black I find myself pinning blue doors constantly. Whether aqua, pastel, cobalt or navy, I adore them all! Miles Redd's famous door just below is an unforgettable blue:

Such a pretty pale blue from Elizabeth Kimberly:

And this navy stunner from Massucco Warner Miller:

4. AIRY WHITE & GLASS - Nothing beats a glass door with an intricate detail like this one from Bill Ingram Architect's office:

I also loved this one from a previous Hampton's Showhouse, it's the perfect beachy airy look, and the symmetry with the boxwoods here is so lovely:

photo via Marianne Simon

5. ARCHWAY - Last but not least, I love a traditional arch. You can't beat neoclassic design!

CWB Architects

photo via Marianne Simon

Any favorite door details that you have that I missed?

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