Tuesday, May 3, 2016

House Tour | Luxe Femininity

Had to share this unabashedly feminine space with you, it had me drooling!! Christina Zilber, founder of Jouer cosmetics, has a real flair for chic simplicity. Have a looky:

Pretty lovely stuff hey? Just the right amount of color in an overall neutral and sophisticated home. To see more hop over to Glitter Guide here.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

One Room Challenge Week 4 | Breakfast Nook | Spring 2016

The toughest week for this ORC yet! Time is ticking and the artwork for this breakfast nook is what is stressing me out the most. Last week I mentioned I'm struggling to choose between 1 large piece, or a series/grouping on the large white wall - 1 piece will break the bank a bit more so I may resort to a grouping. Or, if I'm feeling gutsy I could buy a giant canvas and try to come up with something myself, eek!! Above is the one piece I've purchased so far, a lovely gold bamboo frame to showcase one of my own pieces that I actually did way back in high school, so at least it has personal meaning. And a hint of blue will go well with the blue & white centerpieces I hope to use on the table. I'm going to place this piece here:
I've hated this wall as it separates the corner of our kitchen from the eating nook, but of course, it's load bearing :( So I figure at least if there is pretty art to distract, it won't be quite as bad.
We are awaiting this buttery soft faux (aka wipeable) leather so we can get going on the chair reupholstery project, please come on time!
Gotta get the DIY frosted glass done this week for the French doors, and then after that it'll be all about the styling, I'm hoping for a spring brunch tabletop vibe!
Coco + Kelly
Here's my to-do's from last week with an update on where I am at:
  1. Order and frame all artwork (2-4 pieces total, got 1 done so far)
  2. Order faux white leather (awaiting it's arrival) and foam
  3. Re-upholster chairs
  4. Buy place mats and a centerpiece
  5. Order the accent pillows for the chairs
  6. DIY frost screens for the French doors for privacy

Hop here to see my nursery update, and of course check out all the amazing ORC projects on Calling It Home blog!


One Room Challenge Week 4 | Nursery | Spring 2016

Well it scares me that I just typed Week 4 in the title of this post. I think I have to agree with Linda, host of the ORC, who says week 4 is the toughest. Not a ton completed, but still some important progress in our masculine nursery project. We (as in poor hubby) built the vintage-inspired roadster (above), and the hardware for the daybed drawers arrived (below) but has yet to be installed:

Oh and the really big deal? We ordered the crib on Sunday and it already arrived yesterday!!! Phew, I was so fearful that I'd be all embarrassed posting a nursery reveal without a crib!
Here is my checklist from last week with some quick updates:
  1. Purchase and frame art (I decided to go with a grouping of frames above the daybed, and ordered this, this, this and this from anewall - awaiting their arrival)
  2. Purchase and swap hardware on daybed (arrived and just need to do it!)
  3. Purchase Hudson's Bay blanket (awaiting it's arrival)
  4. Get the pillow forms for all the daybed pillows
  5. Order the crib!! And crib bedding. (arrived and requires assembly)
  6. Select and order a rug (awaiting this one from Rugs USA to arrive)
  7. Build the little vintage roadster
  8. Some DIY art, perhaps the doggie silhouette but of our own puppy!
  9. Consider adding a mobile above crib??? Not sure on this one!
Oh and of course the styling is going to be the fun part - I pit the books out on the shelves including a couple of 'vintage' ones from my childhood. Hope there will be lots of nights of reading and cuddling with my little guy in this room for years to come :)
Hop here for my breakfast nook update, and of course check out what's happening with the rest of this amazing ORC group here.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Showhouse Kitchen by Christopher Peacock

I fell in love with snippets of this showhouse kitchen designed by Christopher Peacock, particularly for it's historic nod and it's refreshing venture away from the all-white kitchen! There are actually so many different finishes used here but they are so harmonious, I couldn't have imagined mixing natural ash wood on the drawer fronts with taupe (Farrow and Ball's Mouse's Back) painted cabinet doors but it looks amazing! Then add all those leather straps and brass fittings and it's a glamorous re-take on this 1929 kitchen:

Notice that the island and hood are off-white? If someone described this kitchen to you without showing you, it would sound like too much is going on in one space right?? But it just works.

I've never seen chalk-board painted cabinet fronts look so chic:

All in all this kitchen takes things beyond the current trends and I like it! To see more head to Traditional Home and Christopher Peacock's portfolio here.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Friday's Favs To Follow

Happy Friday everyone! Another week ending, another favorite to share with you. Today I've got another fantastic tastemaker, Monika Hibbs, a local Vancouver lifestyle blogger that you very much likely are already following. But just in case you aren't - hop over to view her stunning instagram feed. My favorites are the sneak peeks of her stunning new home, I cannot wait for the full tour, and of course the final reveal of her baby girl's nursery!

And not only is her home gorgeous, Monika is also the queen of party planning as evidenced by her 3 year olds recent birthday!

Monika is definitely one to follow for heaps of décor, party, and lifestyle inspiration.

Enjoy your weekend :)


Wednesday, April 20, 2016

One Room Challenge Week 3 | Breakfast Nook | Spring 2016

Here it goes, the update on my second space for the ORC! You can view my first space, the baby nursery, updated here. Slowly but surely with this one. I've still got a long list of to-do's, but as you can see above the STUNNING Vanderbilt pillows from one of my favorite designer pillow Etsy shops, MotifPillows have arrived! Ugh, if only you could touch the screen and feel the velvety texture. And isn't the Dove colorway  perfect with the O.co table? I die.

Boy is that large white wall screaming for some art. That's a huge decision I haven't fully made yet, turns out the beach print I previously placed on my mood board just won't quite be big enough for the space alone. It's either I go one huge print for max impact, and have the art MAKE the room, or I do a set of prints in series. Here's some inspiration for both options, I've got to hurry up and decide within the next couple of days or it likely won't come in time:

super cool print via Minted
Christian Chaize prints
Other than that I also decided to place the chairs on a diagonal in the room to have it appear more spacious, here's a quick and dirty sketch to show you what I mean. Last week I had them placed squared to the walls which made passing through toward the pantry tight and awkward:

But now that they are on a diagonal the walking-through space is substantially better!

It's kind of more attractive looking too, which is an added bonus. Here's my to-do's from last week with an update on where I am at:
  1. Order and frame all artwork (2-4 pieces total)
  2. Order faux white leather (awaiting it's arrival) and foam
  3. Re-upholster chairs
  4. Buy place mats and a centerpiece
  5. Order the accent pillows for the chairs
  6. DIY frost screens for the French doors for privacy
Not a ton accomplished this week, but hopefully that will kick my butt into high-gear for week 4! I have to admit I'm kinda thriving off of this pressure :)

Hop over to Calling It Home blog to see all the other participants and their fabulous ORC spaces!
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