Friday, April 21, 2017

Designer Profile | Kristin Paton

Boston-based classically trained designer Kristin Paton has an eye for modern sensibility with a traditional twist. After viewing Kristin's work on the blog My Design Chic and on Paloma of La Dolce Vita's instagram, I fell in love with so many aspects of her work. There are countless favorite moments I find in the rooms she designs, among them are her use of chinoserie wallcoverings, grasscloth wallpaper, antique burled dressers, the Louis dining chair (on my wishlist!), Bullion fringed sofas, diamond sisal rugs, and oh ... even a couple of appearances of my current crush ... the Buillotte lamp!

This powder room below is just too good ... look at that tortoise-shell finish on the rattan vanity!

One moment I'm obsession with her use of all-white paneling and soft blues, the next moment I am crushing on all of the darker jewel tones!

I don't really have to say much here, the rooms speak for themselves. I want to spend time studying each space! Which is your favorite? If you are finding you are crushing on Kristin's work as much as I am, hop to her portfolio and of course her instagram account to see more.


Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Current Obsession | The Bouillotte Lamp

In my quest to place antiques in every room of my home, my latest obsession has become the Buillotte Lamp (pronounced boo YAHT). This 18th century French gem was created specifically for a wildly popular card game of the same name. This style of table lamp typically has two to four adjustable candle brackets which share a common metal shade that was meant to protect the card players eyes from glare, and couldn't be fabric as candles would have burned through (since the lightbulb was yet to be invented!). This is also why you see a brass dish at the base - it would catch melting candle wax as well as hold the game chips.

Nowadays you can find lovely electric examples of these stunning pieces, if you are lucky you may come across one in a local antique shop, on craigslist, or on ebay. For a pretty penny you might even find a rare pair!

Like this lovely pair on a traditionally set table by tastemaker Carolyne Roehm:

But don't let this little traditional-style lamp fool you - it fits in just perfectly in a transitional or modern space as well:

I very much love these lamps in cozy spaces and find them so perfectly suited to a library or home office:

And of course there is no question the Buillotte is chic if Jackie O had placed them in her home:

Quite a lovely little piece of history, non? Have fun searching all the styles, shapes, and sizes on eBay ... just promise me you won't out-bid me! ;)


Monday, April 10, 2017

Art Inspiration | Architectural Prints

I have professed my love of the architectural rendering time and time again. My favorite art form I think! In groupings or alone, these traditional and often historical pieces instantely add sophistication to any room. And what is lovely to see is that they can nicely compliment a modern space as much as a traditional one. I thought it might be nice for me to have all of my favorite examples of this style of artwork saved in one place so I decided to share this round up of my favorites with all of you:

I love the natural aged sepia look of many of these authentic prints:

Old French and Italian garden maps are so lovely in groupings. These pictured below are from Sochier Marin.

Love the pieces that run length-wise like this stunning pair used by Meredith Heron:

This has always been a favorite bedroom I've saved, and I think one of the major factors is the large scale prints flanking the bed.

Architectural photography is a whole second post - so many favorites I've saved in this style as well! These always follow the BIGGER is better rule.

Maybe my current favorite example saved for last? I think it is the combination of the tight grid placement and the grasscloth backdrop that is so striking here, it really catches my eye!

You can purchase these types of prints at a wide variety of price points and styles, of course some being authentic renderings or scans of originals, while others are recent re-makes of this style of artwork. For the refined art collector, Elizabeth Legge Fine Antique Prints and Engravings is the only way to go! This esteemed collection carries authentic pieces dating from the 16th century to the 1800's:

At a mid-range price point, Wisteria sells ready-to-hang large size framed prints:
And then of course there is a huge selection via Etsy, check Majestic Prints for scans of original renderings, and paperwords11 who creates original modern-day prints including French and Italian garden maps that can be hung in groups. Do you have any favorite examples of these prints being used? Other sources you'd love to share? 


Wednesday, April 5, 2017

House Tour | Alexa Hampton's New York Apartment

I know I have mentioned this before, but one of my FAVORITE things to do is watch home tour videos. Thankfully there have been several wonderfully talented people in the design world filming and putting out original creative content. I truly feel you get to see so much more in a video than in 2D images! So when I viewed Quintessence's recent tour entitled, 'At Home with Alexa Hampton,' I was enthralled by it. The apartment is lush, with antiques and amazing artwork at every turn. The walls are slathered in jewel tones and there's even a secret door hidden in a bookcase. It really has that special quality of days gone by.

I'll post the images here but I encourage you to take the video tour to grasp a full appreciation for this luxe Manhattan apartment (see the full clip here). Oh, and do watch for a quick 2 second flash of my One Room Challenge bathroom in the opening credits of the video!! Alexa has taken on the role of Creative Director at ATG Stores, and I had worked together with the company for some of the styling items in my ORC space (in case you missed it, you can view the full list of products in the master bath here).

This is one of those homes you have to come back to a few times to study all of the fine details. Hope you enjoyed the quick tour!

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