Monday, January 23, 2017

Designer Profile | Liza Bryan Interiors

The image above stopped me in my pinterest-scrolling-tracks the other day. It reminded me that my favorite art is architectural prints in groupings, that I love traditional elements like the sconce and the tufted settee, and that I truly have a weakness for a well-done polished neutral vignette. I hurried to research the designer responsible for this nook and discovered new-to-me Liza Bryan Interiors. Based out of Atlanta, Liza's work is in keeping with Southern traditional charm. And I think what I consistently loved about each of her spaces below was the finishing details. The millwork, the glass patterned doors, the windows in creative shapes ... I could go on, but I'll let the photos do the talking instead :)

Quite stunning non? I'm so glad I stumbled upon Liza's work and I'll definitely be following along to see more from her in the future. I'd also venture to say she the reigning Queen of neutrals, done right there is so much interest in each of these spaces! To see more from Liza Bryan Interiors, hop here to her portfolio.


Friday, January 20, 2017

The Best Street Photographer You've Never Heard Of

An unassuming French-American nanny working in Chicago and New York went essentially unnoticed during her lifetime. Since Vivian Maier's death in 2009, several individuals have discovered some 150,000 photographs she had taken, most auctioned off from her storage space as boxes of undeveloped rolls of film that had never been printed or seen, even by her. Vivian's work has since garnered critical acclaim, and the Netflix documentary 'Finding Vivian Maier' was nominated for an Oscar (I highly recommend it if you've got down time this weekend!).

Vivian's subjects primarily consist of the architecture and people of New York City, and she carried her camera everywhere she went. You'll see instantly recognizable NY landmarks such as the Public Library and the top of the Empire State Building (pictured above and below, respectively). From the elegant, rich, and famous, to the poor and down-trodden children in the slums of New York City, she captured it all. I think the main intrigue of this mysterious nanny was, why did she not show any one her incredible work during her life? Would it all have been lost or destroyed, had no one purchased those random boxes of negatives?

Vivian captured humanity in a very raw sense, and probably was able to do so because she shot everything with a Rolliflex camera which is held at the waist rather than up at your face, keeping her picture-snapping slightly more concealed than today's street photographers whose subjects are well-aware that their picture is being taken.

Audrey Hepburn at the Chicago premiere of 'My Fair Lady,' 1964

It seems however, that Vivian did have some willing subjects agree to pose for her to capture the perfect shot:

Truthfully, the work that most caught my attention was actually Vivian's own self-portraits. They are incredibly creative, what a far cry from the awful 'selfies' we see flooding social media in our day and age. Her mirror and reflection shots are perhaps my favorites. The angles and perspectives she captures are truly captivating:

What an intriguing person she was! It's no surprise that several people have dedicated much of their time researching more about Miss Vivian Maier since her death and rich discovery of this artwork that the world almost never came to know. Truthfully it's also such a strong addition to the image and archival history of the cities of New York and Chicago. To read more on this story hop to her work's official website here. Have a wonderful weekend!


Friday, January 13, 2017

Before & After | Bailey McCarthy's Colorful Abode

Apparently I love every home Bailey McCarthy has lived in ... I've posted her house tours in 2011, 2014, and now her most recent project that is featured in this month's House Beautiful magazine. She quite an expert in color, and always adds traditional elements with a whimsical spin. This time around I love that Bailey has included some 'before' shots for us to appreciate how far this 2-year major renovation on this Texas home has really come.

Love the color in the dining room, and those chairs. My eye was very quickly drawn to the green moldings in the dining room (Pantone's Piquant green):

I love this next room, it went from being asymmetrical with the strange window placement to being a white-oak-panel-slathered symmetrical heaven:

Just look at those Sub-Zero refrigerator panels!!

Before the outdoor space wasn't being properly utilized. Now, Celerie Kemble's patio furnishings look impeccable underneath this glorious tree:

Everything Bailey touches turns to gold! Sometimes literally, like those gold-leaf Ann Sacks tiles in the master bathroom ;)  She just recently posted a teen bedroom project utilizing one of my most favorite wallpapers of all time, be sure to check that and more from Bailey on her website and instagram.


Monday, January 9, 2017

Winter-White Rooms To Inspire

Veranda magazine has been at the top of my must-read list this past year, every issue inspires me to no end. The first issue of 2017, focussing on winter-white interiors, is no exception. I devoured every featured space and have posted a few of my favorites to share with you below. So you can imagine my excitement when I discovered my One Room Challenge white-marble slathered bathroom project amongst the glossy pages! A big thank you to ATG Stores for collaborating with me and for selecting my One Room Challenge as their feature, and to photographer Tracey Ayton for making this space look so darn good!

Now, when we say it's a 'white interiors' issue, I do want you to take note of how much more to it there is than that. Truthfully, if you look long enough at each of the designed spaces below, you with begin to notice the complexity of all the layers present that keep an overall fresh and bright look, BUT are way more than just white. There's texture: seagrass, lacquered ceilings, drapery, hits of warm metals and black anchoring every single space. There's beige, tan, brown, blue, grey and greige. Truthfully these are not all-white rooms, and that's what makes them so beautiful. But it takes some time for your eye to see that:

The amount of texture, pattern, fabric, and soft colors used proves that these top-notch designers know how to expertly trick you into thinking these are completely white palettes. Each room is the perfect balance of a fresh and bright space that remains warm and inviting. Kudos to those listed above, because truthfully that's a hard balance to accomplish!
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