Wednesday, November 19, 2014

9 Books To Add To Your Holiday Wishlist

There are so many lovely coffee table books that have been released recently, and I've compiled a list of 9 to keep in mind for your family & friends, maybe a hostess gift, or perhaps to add to your own Christmas wishlist ;) And the best part? 8 of these are under $32!! Here's a little excerpt from "Kate Spade: Places to Go, People to See."


Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Fashion Inspiration | Wrap Up For Winter

It's getting chilly out there, and I love seeing all the wraps, capes, blanket scarves, and blanket coats out there! What a perfect way to stay chic & cozy all at once ...

Gwen Stefani
right: Olivia Palermo
I'm on the hunt for a blanket scarf in plaid - Zara actually has many styles of wraps & scarves here. Hope you are keeping warm wherever you are!

Monday, November 17, 2014

3 Reasons To Add Leopard To Your Home

I recently added these pretty leopard velvet pillows to my living room pictured above from the lovely Arianna Belle pillow shop. I've always been drawn to this print, and I think I have 3 good reasons why.

1. It's a timeless & classic pattern. Anything you find in nature will never get old. And if you look back at rooms that include a dash of leopard designed decades ago - they are still as relevant today.  The key to using this pattern's timeless style is to use restraint when incorporating leopard into your décor. Using too many layers can look a bit more cat-lady than sophisticated, so pick and choose your leopard pieces wisely. I loved injecting flair with a simple set of throw pillows.

2. It's a neutral! The pattern works in a variety of interior styles to inject style and substance. When used in its natural brown and black coloration, leopard print acts as a fabulous neutral in any space.


3. Leopard can easy mix with other patterns, and look like a million bucks doing it. Because leopard print is a fabulous neutral, it mixes well with more colorful pieces, and adds whimsy and fun to a space.

Oh, and don't forget that this rule applies to your wardrobe as well.

Convinced? Hop over to Arianna Belle The Shop to get inspired by all the stunning combination possibilities!


Friday, November 14, 2014

Baby It's Cold Outside

Happy Weekend! Is it cold where you are? We have hit below freezing temps several evenings this week, and I have pulled out every cable-knit sweater that I own. No snow here yet, but it's amazing how many snowy images I see on my Instagram feed, especially of friends on the East coast. As a person who favors being warm all the time, I am trying to embrace the cold this year! After all, there is something awfully magical and romantic that comes with this time of year ...

If you are somewhere chilly, I hope you have a chance to curl up by the fireplace with a cup of tea in the next couple of days. Wishing each of you a fabulous mid-November weekend!

Monday, November 10, 2014

If You Only Add One Item To Your Holiday Wardrobe ...

As we start to think about holiday style, Christmas parties, and festive attire - I'd like to argue that if you only add a single item to your wardrobe this season, make it a sheer skirt. Paneled, short, mid-length, lace ... there are so many chic options out there!

Atlantic Pacific - Tibi Skirt
Olivia Palermo
You can find these styles at a wide variety of price ranges, I opted to purchase the Zara skirt below - it was a good mid-range price and I liked the pencil skirt silhouette.
Zara $79
Piperlime $136 | Tibi $550 | Charlotte Russe $20
Have I got you convinced? I think this will be one stand out piece that you can dress up with jewels & a lace blouse, or dress down with a grey sweater or a plain white tee.
Hope your week is off to a great start everyone!

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Bedroom Bliss | A True Show-Stopper

I think I am speaking for the entire blogosphere when I say I simply CANNOT get this room out of my mind. It's that good. I think nowadays with Pinterest, blogs, Instagram, and the like, we are bombarded with beautiful images all day every day and we have become calloused to it. It takes a lot to stop us in our tracks, to really WOW us and create something memorable. Jessie of The Design Daredevil did just that:

Unreal, right? Jessie did an incredible job and her clients are ridiculously lucky. So many favorites on my dream-home wish-list appear: the tufted cognac sofa & reading nook, the brass sconces, the burled walnut dresser (I die!), the canopy bed, the layered rugs, and the marble fireplace, the list could go on and on!! What was your favorite element in this space?
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