Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Secretary Desks & A Fun Craigslist Find

There are a handful of inspiration photos I have tucked away for several years that I always come back to - and this stunning living room by Christina Murphy is one of them. I have always been in love with the whole room, and in particular, that black & gold bamboo desk. Utterly chic, non? I have been thinking about how wonderfully a desk would fit into our own family room, a perfect spot for the telephone and the mail to land. Then I started to think, maybe I actually would want a secretary desk, so I could cover up the mess if I wanted to ...  these have long been a 'furniture crush' of mine as well ...

And while I love the look of the full-height cabinet, the spot that I'm thinking of for my own space wouldn't accommodate this. For one thing, there is a light switch that's used daily that would end up behind the cabinet, and I also don't think it would suit the scale of everything else going on in the room. So I started searching for low-height secretary desks, of which there are many handsome options:

1st Dibs has some rather stunning high-end antique options, but they truthfully were way out of my budget range:

1st Dibs - for a pretty price tag of nearly $70,000 CAD

1st Dibs - Just over $10,000 CAD

So I spent months searching some of my regular favorite websites - including my local Craigslist of course. And if you are patient, you can often find a gem! I combined my love of the bamboo look with the low secretary desk (at $200!):

This piece needs work, & new hardware all around, but it's a solid wood antique and I'm in love. Hmmm, maybe I can still achieve the look I lusted after in Christina Murphy's space? 

And I'm realizing more and more from the photos I am saving on my computer that I adore the all-black look:

Ralph Lauren Home via Habitually Chic

So elegant! So what are your thoughts, should I go black and gold? Leave as is? Or something entirely different? I would love to hear your thoughts!


Monday, July 17, 2017

A 100-Year-Old Texas Home Makeover by Amy Berry

This stunning historic Dallas home was made-over top to bottom by one of my favorite Neo-traditional designers, Amy Berry. The home is featured in the June issue of Southern Living magazine, and so many images caught my attention on social media, including the divine entry with this skirted hexagonal table:

I love that velvet fringed ottoman in the living room!

The master bedroom was done in calming blues, while another bedroom is subtle in soft pinks.

Truthfully, this super chic laundry room was one of the first images I noticed and fell for that led me to the rest of this project. Amy does a wonderful job of selecting wallpaper for her laundry room designs!

Even the outdoor space is perfection:

To see even more from this gorgeous home, hop to Southern Living, and Amy's own portfolio here. You can also see past posts of her own Dallas home for sale here, and my overview of her portfolio here.


Thursday, July 13, 2017

Design Inspiration | Secret Doorways

I love the romantic old-world notion of a hidden door leading to a secret room or closet. I've seen so many styles and have included some of my favorites here today.

I especially love the idea of hidden storage, like this fantastic arched kitchen cupboard which opens on one side to shelving and pull out drawers, and the other side to a walk in pantry!

Substantial millwork and paneling makes everything look chic:

Whether the secret doorway look is sleek and contemporary ...

... or ornate and traditional ... it's chic and it's brings so much interest and intrigue to a space!

The faux-bookcase conjures up imagery of old-world castles and mystery novels, doesn't it? I love the bookcases that close up in Alexa Hampton's New York apartment:

Woody House as seen in Out East by Jennifer Ash Rudick

And you can't go wrong with wallpapering the door!

What do you think, would hidden doors be on your list for your dream house? And if so, which would you choose, storage, wallpapered, paneled, or the bookcase look?


Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Designer Profile | Nancy Braithwaite

I thoroughly enjoyed a recent podcast interview with Atlanta-based designer Nancy Braithwaite last week and thought I would share some of her stunning work with you today. Nancy's design sensibility exudes elegant simplicity, hence her book, Simplicity is perfectly titled to suit her style. She explained throughout the podcast that she worked years to train her eye and "to edit a world of almost limitless available choices." No matter whether her project is modern or traditional, she consistently creates impact through simple vignettes.

There are a few things we can observe consistently in each of these rooms; firstly, Nancy carefully selects plants/vegetation with impact in each space, secondly she loves adding whimsy with animals, and finally she mixes modern art and antiques in any space to bring it into today's contemporary world.

In Nancy's book, Dara Caponigro writes in her foreword, “After twenty-five years of exposure to the best work out there, I’ve found that it’s simplicity that’s the hardest thing to do well. It is an art. And Nancy Braithwaite has perfected that art.”

I couldn't agree more, I think it would be harder to work towards simplicity than adding layer upon layer to any room! To see more from Nancy's stunning portfolio head here.

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