Sunday, October 17, 2010

{interior design show west 2010}

A terrific time was had by all at the IDSwest this year! Inspiration oozed from all of the displays and the talk by Sarah and Tommy was a definite highlight. They had the audience entertained and engaged the entire hour. The Q & A session started out with a few exciting announcements: Sarah's fab new show, Sarah 101 starts in January and Sarah and Tommy are in the midst of filming Sarah's House 4! Woot woot! Sarah 101 will be 13 episodes worth of a 'crash course' on how to tackle various projects in your home, and for Sarah's House 4 the designers are heading to the suburbs! They'll be showing us how to personalize a newly built home in a restriction-laden subdivision.

I'm a long time SR fan, I've been watching her on TV for 10 years! When all the other kids in high school were out partying I was at home learning how to sew the perfect throw pillows on Room Service! So I snuck myself into the front row for the show, that empty seat beside me is my husband's ... yes it's true, poor guy came with me, he's the best hubby in the world!

The design duo tackled 'FAQs from their F.A.N.s,' {as Tommy put it} that had been posted via Facebook. I was thrilled that my question was the third one answered! I had asked, 'Have there been instances when you were inspired by one particular piece that you design a whole room around that special piece? Would you say fabric is normally your jumping off point?' Here's Sarah's answer:

I was all-ears when Sarah addressed a question about how to get into the field of design, she explained that it's a personal choice whether or not to complete schooling {both her and Tommy had not}. If you choose not to, you need to stay on top of what is going on in the field, you need to have passion, and she really emphasized to keep up on what is new! I kept thinking, blogging helps you do just that doesn't it? If you have already attended design school, Tommy explained your school portfolio usually isn't enough to get you hired, he suggests adding images to it that define your style and explain what your personal taste is.

Here's me hanging out with my new BFF ... okay maybe that's not exactly how it went down. Sarah was gracious enough to stick around and snap some photos with fans. Thanks Sarah! And there's Tommy in the background, wish I could have caught him for a pic too!

Other Q & A's I enjoyed: How do you add personality to an all-white kitchen?

Sarah's tips: Change up the lighting, paint the walls {not white!}, accessorize with color, add interest with fabric window treatments. Here's an example of an all-white kitchen that got a makeover on Design Inc., the after immediately reads red!

How do you decorate a very long hallway?

Sarah dealt with this issue in the farm house, and her solution included adding paneling half way up the walls to break up the height, using grasscloth to add texture on the upper portion of the walls, and have pendant fixtures which hang down into the space to allow your eye to be stopped at several points down the long expanse. Love it!

Some of the highlights from the exhibits:

The media lounge and booth by The Cross was by far my favorite display. The pretty poufs were stacked every where and all of fabrics used in a collage on the walls were fantastic. And that Iguana wallpaper by Timorous Beasties? Fab.

HOMEdelight Furnishings had a lovely palette of gray and purple, and check out the light fixtures!

I took this pic for my friend Kelly over at DesignTies, I think IKEA knows that they are on to something with the bold and pretty Maskros chandelier.

A beautiful little white chair with black piping from Liberty, wish I coulda taken her home with me :( Maybe I should take Tommy's advice, buy expensive things and eat noodles for the rest of the month ... :)

The fixtures over at Robinson Lighting and Bath Centre were just like jewellery, gorgeous! And they had an amazing piece hung over a freestanding tub. With a mirror and spot light placed on the ceiling above, it looked like the chandelier went up to heaven!

Parliament proved that equine-inspired art is still a big trend:

Loving the tree stump trend? Here's a pretty little version in gold from Mint, opening this fall in Vancouver:

So there you have it! My take on the IDSwest show, I already can't wait till next year!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

{q & a with massucco warner miller}

Today I am thrilled and honored to share a little conversation with the lovely ladies at Massucco Warner Miller. It's no secret on this blog that I am quite smitten with their work {to say the least!}, so featuring them in a designer profile is such a treat!

Julie Massucco, Melissa Warner and Carrie Miller are three uber talented ladies with very diverse backgrounds who teamed up in 2008 to build the design powerhouse MWM, now based in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle.

Julie obtained a degree in Environmental Design from Syracuse University, and has studied classical design in Florence, Italy. Melissa studied Business at the University of Colorado at Boulder, and later followed her passion and completed a degree in Interior Design from FIDM in San Francisco. Carrie started her career in the fashion industry, went on to open her own “Paris flea-style” boutique in Marin County, and later opened her first interior design studio in 2001. Now that is one talented group!

This triple threat has truly mastered the art of mixing old and new, traditional and fresh, classic but with a youthful point of view. Their work is tailored and glamorous; what I love most is that there is an air of sophistication about their spaces while remaining comfortable and inviting.

Nancy Marcus: How would you describe Massucco Warner Miller’s style?

MWM: Some have called our style “Young Traditional”, which we think is fitting as we see our look as classic with a fresh twist and lots of personality. We love mixing classic pieces with something unexpected and tend towards vibrant colors and tailored details like pleated edging, tape trims, tufting, and piping.

Nancy Marcus: All elements that we know and love you for!

Nancy Marcus: Which designers do you admire most?

MWM: We’re inspired by Miles Redd, Frances Elkins, Dorothy Draper, David Hicks.

Nancy Marcus: I can definitely sense a Dorothy Draper influence, her unique trademarks  included mixing vibrant colors and patterns. And Melissa, I loved your use of the beautiful Dorothy Draper Espana Bunching Chest in your bedroom featured in House Beauiful's May issue!

Nancy Marcus: What is your next design venture?

MWM: Aside from our roster of residential projects in Los Angeles, Seattle and San Francisco, we’ve just created a line of pillows showcasing our favorite design details, textures and patterns that will be available for purchase through our website by late November. It has been a lot of fun to think about what new offerings we want to feature in this retail line and we’re looking forward to its launch!

Nancy Marcus: Sounds fabulous! Thank you for sharing this upcoming project with us! I know I speak for everyone in saying that we are excited to see what lovely creations you have come up with.

This fierce trio are definitely ones to watch! I can come back to the images above again and again, and still drool every time! You can view more of their stunning portfolio here, and be sure to follow along on Facebook. A huge thank you to Julie, Melissa, and Carrie for being so generous and gracious with your time!

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