Thursday, January 3, 2013

{reflecting on 2012 ... }

So many crazy things happened for me in 2012 - life-changing stuff really. I wanted to do a quick little re-cap, sort of as a personal diary entry so that I can come back in the future and remember everything.

1. January - April had me sitting on the sofa for countless hours, I literally made a dent in the cushion. I studied and studied for my thesis exam and finally completed my PhD after years of being a student. I did not look anything like this chic & stylish gal below: it was pj's all the way.

{walking the stage Spring 2012}

2. In May, I got the amazing opportunity to fly to Toronto courtesy of AyA Kitchens to attend the BlogPodium conference. What a gift that was right after finishing school!

{in the photobooth at BlogPodium}

3. June brought a new little fur baby to our home, Yoki was the perfect addition to our family!

4. I also turned the big 3-0 in June! I'm so excited about this decade & all that it will bring :)

{my 1st birthday party}

5. July - my first trip to Europe! We covered London, Paris, and Rome and it was amazing. I can't wait to go back.

{taking in the Louvre}

{the streets of London}

6. August brought 5 years of wedded bliss. I couldn't be more thankful to God for such an amazing husband.

{enjoying a tasty treat at Summer Night Market}

7. At the end of September we held our 2nd BLEND event in conjunction with IDSWest, sponsored by IKEA Canada. It's was a priviledge to get the chance to work with such heavy-hitters in the design world. Getting to meet Tommy Smythe at the event was a definite highlight for me.

Phew! That's a lot of stuff - thanks for reading to the end of the post ;) So now you can see why I felt like 2012 was my year - and I'm a bit nervous that 2013 can't live up to it. So I've been taking time in the passed couple of days to reflect on things, and what I've come to, is that I'd like to make 2013 the year I take my health seriously: physically, spiritually, relationally, every aspect. If I can look back and say 2013 is the year I improved my health, then I think this year will be just as grand as 2012 was! And somehow writing this out for you all to read may just help me get there.

Thank you for your constant support. Back to good ol' decor posts tomorrow - I promise!!

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