Sunday, September 29, 2013

{sarah richardson dining room before & after}

Hi everyone! Have my fellow Canadians been following Sarah's new series, Real Potential? At first I was a little sad that there is very little air time designated to the actual decorating, but I'm actually getting into it! The network wanted Sarah to focus more on real estate and less on décor to draw in the male viewers, so it's definitely different than her past shows, but there is always so much to learn from her no matter what the format. Here's a dining room makeover from a recent episode that was quite stunning, first the BEFORES!

This was the view when you first walked in the home:

Looks kinda like a bar or a reception desk right? I couldn't figure out how she was going to solve that nasty half-wall without completely knocking it down! On the other side of the half-wall is the dining room:

So the smart cookie that she is, Sarah opted to place a series of 3 antique lead glass window panes and close in the opening, the end result was beautiful, the picture doesn't do justice:

Great idea right? And the entire room was sophisticated and light-hearted:

The homeowners even got a bonus gift from Sarah! The dining room flows into the adjoining kitchen, so Sarah opted to continue the floor stain and paint in there, as well as replace the backsplash. Cheap fixes that make a WORLD of a difference {I wish they posted a kitchen before shot, think peachy cabinets!}
Canadians, be sure to tune in on Thursday nights, and US viewers will hopefully be able to watch the series shortly as well!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

{princess margaret lottery home 2013}

The Princess Margaret show home in Oakville, Ontario is once again a stunning feast for the eyes. This time, designer Brian Gluckstein has created a home filled with 7,500 square feet of effortless luxury just steps from Lake Ontario; can you even imagine winning this spectacular abode? {click to enlarge images}

Love that larger-than-life architectural artwork!

Wow, this hallway is a show-stopper, just look at those floors.

Classic Gluckstein design, having a two-floor opening with beautiful iron railing.

Yep, I could fill that closet.

Another classic BG trademark, books in the bathroom! {see more I posted here}. I love it. This is an idea I would steal for my dream home. Brian knows how to do a bathroom, that's for sure.

I don't know, what would you say .... move in ready?? Um yah. If you live in TO and visit this home please tell me your thoughts of it in person!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

{idswest 2013}

Hi friends! Hope your week is well so far. I've got a quick little recap on all the sights at the IDSwest show in Vancouver this year. It's always a great place to see what's new and get inspired about interior design {sorry for the blurry iPhone pics! I took my DSLR camera to the show without the battery!! Genius}.

a lovely vignette by van gogh
Truth be told, I went to the show specifically to hear the talks this year. Canada's beloved designers Brian Gluckstein and Tommy Smythe both gave a seminar which was quite thrilling for me. Tommy was entertaining as ever, and I loved the tips he gave. For example he explained that "impatience is the enemy of good design." His point of view is to be thoughtful on what you buy, and take the time to find the perfect pieces. If you look at his own homes you will see a testament to the statement, he re-uses his favorite pieces in different ways with every move!
Brian's talk was just as informative, his design philosophy is largely based on good bones creating a special space, and neutrals neutrals neutrals! He shared a few of his favorite paint colors with us, including Benjamin Moore's Natural Cream, Horizon, Marilyn's Dress, November Skies, and Blue Note. I literally felt like I could have sat and listened to his design stories all day long. If you ever have a chance to here him speak make sure you do!! {interviewed by Mark Challen of House & Home on the right}.
Brian described these massive walls of pin boards on every floor of the Gluckstein Design head office, where himself and his staff pin inspiring photographs and often stand around to discuss. I can only imagine how thrilling it would be to work in a place like that. Just look at what the office looks like on the outside ... amazing ...
There were several furnishings that caught my eye at the show as well:
brass and wood art deco table with brass chairs by Home Couture
Wood and Lucite! A fabulous combo by Autonomous Furniture Collection
Urban Barn's gunmetal tufted sofa is only $999!
The Monogram Dinner By Design event showcased fabulous dinning tables created by several local designers.
by Filosophi
by Robert Blaney Design
by Kelly Deck
And that is my round up! Another great show that left me feeling very inspired. I was itching for a project by the time I left so I take that as a sign of a job well done by the IDSwest show organizers. Until next year!
PS. Thank you for your votes for my brother Andrew this weekend, your support seriously meant so much to me. He came in second place, however what was honestly more important to me was all of the kind emails and comments I received from those of you who listened to and enjoyed his beautiful song.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

{your help through a vote}

Hi everyone! Happy weekend :)

Just quickly checking in with a shameless plug today ... you see my brother Andrew entered his beautiful song and video into a local talent competition, and he's a handful of votes behind first place (**UPDATE: if you are reading this on Sunday afternoon he is about 250 votes away from 1st place!), he actually has a chance to win! The prize is a chance to be the opening act at a local concert here in Vancouver, which I'm sure you understand is a big deal for young artists!

I thought, who better to ask for help than all of you? The best part is it is SUPER simply to vote, it's literally a box you click on beside his name (Andrew Marcus), that's IT. No signing up or liking a page or anything. Go HERE to vote if you'd like to support him, everyone can vote ONCE A DAY!

And in case you are curious you can click on the image below to actually view his video, it's visually beautiful, and the words and meaning behind the song are so much more. I've actually shared it on the blog a while back; the lyrics describe our conversation with God, and the perfect plans He has for our life.

A huge thank you for your help and support!!


Thursday, September 19, 2013

{falling for fall ... }

Well, autumn is upon us, as of this weekend its official! Here's a little inspiration that will hopefully have you falling for fall ...

{central park in the fall}
{a must-try pumpkin cookie recipe}
All of those beautiful colors! I don't know about you but it definitely gets me feeling inspired. And that new camel sweater from J. Crew? Seriously! I'm Egyptian so I'm pretty sure I have to have it ... there's really no option ;)
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