Sunday, July 4, 2010

{a dash of color: my living room}

I’m so monochromatic! I always find myself using neutrals, grey, and white in my own spaces even though I am drawn to lovely punches of color in other people’s rooms! So I thought is was high-time I get myself out of my 'boring-in-beige' box and throw a dash of color into my living room, the space I inhabit most often. You might have taken a peek at this room when I posted about making over my living room with paint, so here is the space now, with a lovely shade of turquoise added in:

It all started with this cute little artichoke-inspired vase, what a perfect shade of turquoise! And at only $12 {from HomeSense}, I had to buy a pair!

Then came my sweet little side chair, isn’t she pretty?

The turquoise floral pattern on this chair changes during the day depending on the lighting, look how punchy it is in the evening:

Mix in some Moorish tile pillows, and 2 side lamps with turquoise shades, and I’ve added color to my room without breaking the bank! Just a few accents and the whole space reads in a totally different way.

And I chose lamps with a white base rather than lamps with a turquoise base so that when I inevitably change up my color scheme, I’ll just pop off the shades, and voila! A new life! I’m thinking they would also look great with a black shade and white piping…uh oh, that’s my monochromatic-self trying to come through again … ha, ha. But seriously, I am thrilled to finally be surrounded by this lovely dash of color!

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