Tuesday, July 31, 2012

{library dining rooms ...}

I know that if I could build my dream home my dining room would double as a library! I love the layered look, and there is such comfort in being surrounded by books:

I'll be tucking a few of these into my dream-home file for sure! Would you consider a dining room library combo in your own home?

Monday, July 30, 2012

{my trip in photos: london 2012}

Happy Monday! Hope you had a marvelous weekend and are ready to face a new week ...

This weekend I finally began to sort through my photos of my European getaway, and I thought I would break up my posts by city. So here first is my view & list of must-see's in London-town, merely two weeks before the festivities of the Olympics began {all images taken by me, my dad, and brother - it was a family effort!}

A view of Big Ben - did you know the name actually refers to the BELL inside of the tower, and not the clock itself?

We stayed at the Lancaster Gate Hotel pictured below. A very picturesque & safe area, I would definitely recommend it. I loved that everything was black & white, with pops of red from flowers, to shiny buses, to the iconic and oh-so-charming telephone booths.

I'd recommed bringing along a classic trench coat, and as many pretty scarves as you can pack {layering is key in a city that experiences rain, wind, and sun all in a matter of hours}. I kept a small umbrella tucked in my purse at all times! Couldn't risk that flat-ironed hair getting wet after all ;)

Buckingham palace is a sight to see with all of it's grandeur and opulence! I loved all the little details. You can catch the changing of the guards every morning in the summertime.

A hit of neon in the streets ...

The newly iconic London Eye is the perfect high viewing point to capture a photo or two of the historic Parliament building and the great River Thames.

And speaking of history, another must-see ... Westminster Abbey. The details are nothing short of glorious! Everything is on a massive scale, the pictures can't quite do it justice.

Getting prepped for the games: I felt lucky to be there in a time when excitment could be felt in the air!

Another recommendation: book tickets ahead of time to watch a Shakespearean play in the open-air replica Globe theatre {Something I wish we could have done but I didn't know about ahead of time!}. It's been made to the exact specifications of the original playhouse, and it's the only remaining thatched roof since the Great Fire of London in 1666.

Oh, and of course it was also fantastic to simply roam the streets and take it all in, especially in a place where even the street-lamps are elaborate and glamorous!

Have you been to London recently? What a beautiful place filled with history. Anything else to add to this list? I'll recap Paris & Rome this week as well; each place was so different & so wonderful in it's own way.

Friday, July 27, 2012

{paradise found: the jk capri}

Another summer week has come and gone, time is truly flying by! I hope you have wonderful summer weekend plans ahead of you. To start the weekend off right, here's a little visual feast for your eyes, a look into the J.K. Place Capri luxury hotel on the gorgeous island of Capri:

Now that's a hotel! I hope to make my way there one day. To see more of this lovely luxury hotel go here.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

{fall fashion 2012: embellished collars}

Well, I know it may seem weird to talk about autumn already when we are in the midst of enjoying the lovely summer sunshine ... but the world of fashion is always leaps and bounds ahead! Looking into the fashion for this fall, if you choose to add only one thing to your wardrobe, may I suggest the embellished collar? You'll be seeing it everywhere, from pearls to studs to bling ... edgy or uber femnine, subtle or over-the-top ... I know I'll be hunting for one!

So far I've spotted this one at Zara and I think I'll be snatching one up. Are you game to trying this look for fall?

Images via here

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

{lusting: the frances elkins loop chair}

As you can probably tell from my blog header I am a big fan of the loop chair, designed by Frances Elkins. I think it stands out no matter what space you place it in, don't you agree?

via La Dolce Vita & Lonny Magazine

Yep, the Elkins chair is definitely on my dream home wishlist! Any iconic chair you're lusting over?

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