Monday, February 27, 2017

House Tour | CWB Architects

This 4000 sq ft Greek-revival row house in Brooklyn has recently been restored in 2015 to its original formality, with several modern finishes for a young family of five. I love that what CWB Architects, along with the designers at Fearins & Welch, accomplished ends up looks elegant without being too precious to enjoy. All of the classic and traditional boxes have been ticked:

My favorite style of dining chair, the Louis chair in black leather is what I would wish for should my budget allow one day!

I never think of canary yellow in interiors, but look how glorious this chair fabric looks!

Gorgeous wallcovering and corner sink tucked into a small space, it proves you can make a big statement no matter the square footage you are working with:

So many lovely bathrooms in this home! My guess is there's one designated for the kids (another great pop of yellow) and one main bath for guests, both are fitted with very classic fixtures:

I adore the door architraves and the herringbone flooring with a walnut inlay border ... the stuff dreams are made of ...

And it looks as though the home has two entry ways, or perhaps one as a back entry? Regardless, both are lovely:

See more from CWB Architects and Fearins and Welch on their webpages (sooo many good projects). Happy new week everyone!


Friday, February 24, 2017

A Favorite Layout | Back To Back Sofas

If you have been reading this blog for some time, you already know of my love for back-to-back sofas; often formally referred to as tête-à-tête sofas (meaning head to head) in reference to the private conversations that this inviting arrangement allows for. It's a layout I so terribly wish would fit in my own home, but alas I don't have a room wide or long enough! But if you have a grand space that lacks intimacy, this is actually the perfect solution.

Some of my favorite designers have utilized this room dividing trick. The stunning snap above was designed by one of my all-time favorites, Marianne Simon (who by the way has been sharing recent projects on IG; I've said it before but I'll say it again - you MUST follow her).

There are a few different takes on this look that I love: the sofa above in Amy Berry's recent project is a single unit and just exudes 'bespoke.' I equally love when there are individual sofas separated by a sofa table and a pair of fantastic lamps in between. Chairs can be set on either side for a more sophisticated look. You can go very traditional, or very modern with this layout. One thing I definitely notice is that I am drawn to identical sofas in this seating scenario. 

left: via McGrath II | top right: Windsor Smith | bottom right: via Better Homes & Gardens

top left: via McGrath II | bottom left: Sarah Richardson | right: Richard Shapiro

Would you go for it in your own home if you had ample space? I'd love to here!


Friday, February 17, 2017

Friday's Favorites To Follow

Each week an image or two tend to stop me in my tracks and totally inspire me, re-invigorate me, sort of remind me why I dream about interiors day and night. This was the image for this week - it's an entry foyer enveloped in the Fornasetti nuvolette wallcovering I love so dearly, complemented by stunning curved mahogany doors and nero mosaic tile - it doesn't get much better. This is the work of Brooklyn-based firm Fearins & Welch Interior Design, my Follow Friday pick to share for this week.

There is so much impressive work to be seen in their portfolio:

That stone fireplace!

The large-scale architectural print really captures my eye here:

This butlers pantry covered in grasscloth is so beautiful, like a little jewel box. I adore the color of the cabinets here as well.

I've always loved the romantic appeal of a vestibule - that little pocket of space between the door and the entry way - what a perfect opportunity to do something bold in a small dose and really make a first impression!

This last image is another 'stop me in my tracks moment' for me ... bookshelves behind the tub, too good! The nero tub and herringbone tile are so stately as well.

Be sure to follow Fearins & Welch on instagram, and see more from their stunning portfolio here.

Happy weekend everyone!


Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Textbook Tuesday | Suzanne Kasler's Timeless Style

Suzanne's signature style of hanging artworks in a tight grid grouping magnifies their graphic impact
There's a reason most design books come in such a large size format, often 10 x 12" or more; it's all about the imagery and there are so many details to take in that simply cannot be appreciated in the same way when we view small-format photos on our computer screens and phones. The best design books are big - and Suzanne Kasler's stunningly large 304-page book entitled Timeless Style, is at the top of my personal list - it's an essential addition to any library of interior design.

There are too many things to love about this book, I can't possible list them all. One of my favorite features is that it's divided by project, so that each chapter takes you on a complete tour of the space, and is appropriately titled to convey the feeling of that particular home. Suzanne takes us through 8 houses, and starts us off  'At Home,' in her own elegant Regency-style house in Atlanta.

Sitting pretty on my own coffee table
Suzanne's own foyer displays an original 1940's French lantern that helped her to design her own
version for Visual Comfort

Suzanne's signature palettes are soft and muted - the blues, greys, and pale beiges. I love that she describes them as conveying more of a feeling than an actual color - and subtle enough that you never tire of them! She is truly all about selecting the classic, not the trendy.

Throughout the book, Suzanne takes the reader through her entire design process. She explains how to create a home that's sophisticated, yet comfortable for her clients - often families with four or five small children. She describes selection of color, wallpaper, and how that special piece of furniture can entirely make the room.

She even goes as far as to explain placement of furniture in detail, "[w]hy is that little sofa in a corner? Because I like to create different places to sit in a room. You feel the space in a whole different way when you're looking at it from this intimate nook."

In referring to her love of antiques, Suzanne explains, "[i]f a piece is chipped, crusty, and crumbling, lead me to it! Age has its advantages when it comes to furniture. There's a kind of patina attained by an object after years of use that can't be duplicated. It has a rough magic that conjures up another place, another time." The Russian benches pictured below are described as having "the crusty look that I love." And the collection of intaglios framed and hung in a grid really provide impact with repetition, functioning almost as an architectural element in a hallway. I hope to replicate something like this in my own hallway one day!

Timeless Style, really leaves you feeling as though you've had a personal tour of eight fantastically designed homes by Suzanne Kasler herself. I know this will be a book I continue to refer to for tips, tricks, and styling inspiration. She truly offers a wealth of creative design ideas that are original, and can be implemented no matter the size of your home or the size of your pocket-book. If your looking to add another treasure to your personal design library this one should be next on your list!

To see more of my favorite features from Suzanne's design work, hop here to my Dissecting the Details post on La Dolce Vita blog.
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