Sunday, September 12, 2010

{a trip with a lifetime of memories}

I’m officially home from Egypt, and I had an amazing time! Still recovering from jet-lag, but that’s to be expected. Not to mention I feel freezing being back home, I went from about 45 degrees Celsius in Aswan to a mere 17 in Vancouver!! We took tons and tons of photos while we were away, and I thought I’d share a few just to give you a glimpse into our trip.

We traveled to five different cities, our first stop was Alexandria {on the Mediterranean Sea}; here was our view from the hotel room:

Here is an ancient Roman Theatre {4th century AD} in the city centre; you can see that the street level was a whole story lower than it is now! I wonder what other ancient structures are buried underneath all those modern apartment buildings?

In Cairo I made a new friend {who I promptly named Mounir, even though I think he already had a name}; and got a chance to get up-close-and-personal with the Sphinx.

Round settees were present in almost ever hotel lobby!

Not to mention herringbone floors … the dark stained distressed wide-planks were particularly dreamy:

We saw the poorest of the poor living alongside the richest of the rich, what a contrast.

On the right, a place called ‘Garbage City’ where the poor live and sort metal, glass, etc from the garbage to sell; on the left, King Farouk’s summer home {1936-1952} in Alexandria.

I was enamored with the Hieroglyphic relief techniques in the Pharaoh’s temples, so impressive!

And the amount of color that remains on walls that were painted almost 5000 years ago, I couldn’t even believe it. Can you imagine how fabulous these walls looked in their glory days??

We visited several cathedrals, as well as a church carved into a cave, hidden away from any possible persecution:

Our hotel in Luxor had an amazing view of the Nile River:

The Red Sea in Sharm El Sheik was incredible, the water was crystal clear and the colorful fish were abundant. I highly recommend this spot to any snorkeling/diving fans out there!

Thanks for taking a peak at my trip, I loved every place we visited and I would travel back to Egypt in a heartbeat! I’d love to hear about your recent trips…any places you would recommend to others??

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