Wednesday, February 29, 2012

{sponsor love: much ado about you}

This week my lovely sponsor Emmy, a self-professed 'paper freak' and owner of the handmade shop Much Ado About You is having a big pre-sale for her new line of Planners.

The Pre-Sale begins today and run for five days throught Sunday, March 4th! All Planners will be $5 off and each customer with recieve a surprise free gift & a chance to choose their cover design before the line is introduced to the public.

So if you had 'New Years' goals of getting things in order this year and it's not quite getting there yet, a planner may just do the trick! And it's a bonus to support the hand-made world in the process :)

{house tour: via nuevo estilo}

A lovely space to tour through today ... this one comes from the fabulous website Nuevo Estilo - which I cannot read, due to the fact it is all in Spanish - but the pictures say everything any ways!

I love the mix of traditional and modern, it's done quite seamlessly here isn't it? And of course, I'd take that closet any day :) Notice all the shallow, clear front drawers? Would be perfect for not having to dig into deep heaps of clothing to find something!

Hope you are enjoying the last day of February!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

{swooning: sofas back-to-back}

I've posted about this particular sofa arrangement before, and I am still swooning! It's something that I must try if given the chance.

Now this first example just might be my favorite example, it is literally BUILT to be double sided, it's actually one piece!! In the right room {and of the right size}, there couldn't be a more perfect way to create two separate sitting areas.

Sarah Richardson recently gave this layout a try in her London project featured in the latest issue of House & Home {I'm in love with the shape of these pieces - probably custom}:

Veranda's House of Windsor {take the full tour here} collaborative project with Windsor Smith sported back-to-back sofas in the great room; if you look closely it's a nice example of placing a sofa table between the two:

Nobody does it better than Windsor Smith...

Yep ... a must try! If you are loving this look and want to see a few more examples go here. Would you try it?

Monday, February 27, 2012

{thank you style at home!}

A very BIG thank you to the folks over at Style at Home for including me in an article high lighting budget decorating ideas. It's always fun to contribute, and I just love the way that this first-class Canadian magazine is creating a community of designers, stylists, and bloggers sharing creative ideas. This time around the focus is on using art to give your home some personality in a creative and budget-friendly way:

And there are 10 other art tips to check out, so head over for some fabulous inspiration!

Style at Home has been a favorite of mine for years and years, I'd always devour my mom's magazines when I was a young teen! I'm anxious to receive my April issue in the mail, fellow Canadian blogger Tim Lam's home is featured and I can't wait to see! Here are some photos just to tide you over:

Lovely right? Be sure to visit Tim's blog, and you can read all about him in this 20 questions interview over on Style at Home's website.

{trendspotting: the peplum}

Dare I say the peplum is THE sillouette du jour? Both Tina Fey and Michelle Williams were sporting this classic and feminine shape at the Oscars last night:

The fabulous blonde above is my friend Janice!! I came across her photos for Julie Haus randomly on Pinterest, and I gotta say every time that happens I have a swell of pride in my chest, you go girl! She's off in Milan for fashion week right now, mark my words, you will see her pretty face everywhere.

And you just know if you see Miss OP in it, it's gotta be hot! I am crushing on this Tibi peplum-waisted striped coat:

Ok, looks like peplum is on the list for my spring wardrobe! Did you enjoy the Oscars? Any favorite looks or trends that you spotted?

Saturday, February 25, 2012

{happy weekend + lamp lust}

Just popping by to wish you a very happy weekend! Hope you are enjoying your days, accomplishing your lists, and having a little fun too. Any one planning to watch the Oscar's? I'll definitely be taking a peek at all the pretty dresses, and probably tuning in to see which movie takes home the Oscar gold for film of the year. Speaking of gold ... here's a little lamp pretty I've been lusting over lately. Topped off with a black shade it's a magical combination:

Well, that's definitely getting added to the wish list for me! See you back here on Monday,

Thursday, February 23, 2012

{from the bottom of my heart ...}

Thank you thank you thank you! I can't get over the support of this community. At first I felt bad dumping my thoughts and feelings on you yesterday. And I truly didn't want any one to feel like they just had to leave a comment telling me everything would be ok just because that's the polite thing to do, but your comments and emails were SO genuine, so caring, and so incredibly thoughtful. Every SINGLE persons words meant so much to me and I read every comment over and over again. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. And I promise to keep you posted on my journey!

For today, I'm looking forward to all the good things to come, and I'm hoping that for my life, that will include travel {and lots of it}. So come & escape reality with me even if for just a moment ...

One day I hope to put this many pins in my map ...

I'm ready to pack my bags ... and I'm dreaming of Paris first and foremost.

Maybe a little time spent at a hotel pool ...

And a stroll down Rue Cambon perhaps?

Ahhh, escapism does wonders for the soul :) Another form of therapy for me: puppies ... and lucky enough I'm baby-sitting Lola the bulldog today!! Should be fun to have a furry friend around. Hope your week is winding down, almost Friday!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

{no pretty pics today ...}

Now I know that you visit here to look at pretty pictures of interiors, furnishings, fashion and all of that good stuff ... but today I'm a wee bit off topic ... I hope it doesn't seem too self-indulgent because I don't mean for it to be. I want to strive to be as authentic as possible here on the blog, and you all know that I am SUPER passionate about decor but once in a while you just happen to have an off day and can't quite bare to simply post pretty pictures ...

I always appreciate when bloggers that I follow and respect open up about their personal lives from time to time and keep it real ... so I hope you don't mind when I veer here and there :) I promise some regular pretty for tomorrow!

I'm starting to look for work as I know I will be graduating in a couple of months, and I started to feel pretty down as I began to find that website after website is stating "No job postings at this time" .... not something you want to see as you move forward and plan for your future! So I mopped and pouted a bit, questioned what I am doing and if I had made the right choices for my life, and Monday night I came across this image on Pinterest ... wham!!!

Who knew Pinterest could be THAT therapeutic? And after some wise words from my parents, hubby, and friends I am re-grouping and feeling better about things today and I know that I just have to focus and trust that the right thing will eventually come at the right time. I'm not saying I'm expecting the stars to magically align for me, but I know in my heart that worrying about my next steps isn't really going to help anything and will actually hinder my completion! Any one out there identify with self doubt/uncertainty of the future like this? I'd love to hear your stories.

Ok, phew, thanks for letting me get that off my chest today! On that note, I leave you with a song my brother wrote and recorded. Not only because I am INSANELY proud of him {he wrote ALL the music as well}, but because the words are so appropriate for me right now. It's called 'Our Conversation' and talks about how we can often feel so alone, but God's reply to us is that the plans He has for our lives are so much bigger than our own plans. I'm definitely going to be holding onto that; if you have an extra few minutes I'd absolutely love for you to have a little listen ....

Hugs to you all!

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