Wednesday, January 13, 2016

My Birth Story

I'm back and ready to give you more reno updates and design inspiration! But first, I'm here to fill you in on what's been happening in my life over the past weeks - I feel like I've documented so much of my life story on this blog that I may as well include one of the most eventful experiences I've had. So today's post isn't really 'design' themed per se, but I've so enjoyed reading other new mom's stories that I am hoping you won't mind it either :)

Exactly 2 weeks ago today little baby Marcus was born - a healthy 6 pounds 8 ounces! We chose to give him my maiden name as his first name, which is quite special as it makes me feel like I'm passing on my family name in a way. Getting to the birth was quite the experience, as you know from this previous post, Marcus was breech and we were told it was likely going to have to be a booked C-section. Truth was that I struggled with disappointment when I first heard that news, as it just wasn't what I had pictured! I went off to explore exercises and chiropractic techniques that could get baby to turn, and after all sorts of crazy stunts like sitting off the edge of the sofa upside down with my head on the ground, I came to realize this little guy was too big and he was lodged in that position for good. Now in hindsight, I'm so glad I had been able to be pre-screened and warned that this would likely be the outcome - I was ready to book and accept that C-section.

On the night before Marcus was set to be born, we went to bed as per usual, I was nervous but excited and all my bags were packed (a definite plus to actually knowing the date and time). Low and behold, there was a 4.8 earthquake around 11:30pm that jolted us awake out of bed! What are the odds? We were totally freaked out and took a moment to calm down and get back to sleep - that C-section was booked for 9am and I knew I needed my rest so I tried my best to ignore everything. Fat chance. I woke up to a whole different kind of explosion at 1:30am - my water broke! I just remember thinking, "Seriously? This is happening now?" So we rushed to the hospital as fast as we could and everything unfolded from there. Deep inside I was so happy that Marcus chose his own birthday and it wasn't just a date selected as convenient for the surgeons :)

Once in hospital I was told I was already 4cm dilated, things were happening fast, and the pain of contractions was pretty fierce. I just remember thinking, "how do so many women do this for like 20 hours??" Luckily they sped me off to an emergency C-section, after only 2.5 hours of sucking back the nitrous oxide. The procedure was so fast, and we welcomed our sweet baby boy into the world.

(Believe it or not they are actually cutting me open as this picture was being taken, that's how amazingly well spinal anesthesia works!)
(NYE spending time together in the hospital, we actually watched fireworks from the hospital room window!)
And now the three of us are back home, getting adjusted to our new schedule and finishing off our home reno in this next month. Plenty of updates and posts to come soon! It's been overwhelming to say the least (hence the lack of posts), but it's been a pretty magical experience at the same time. Thank you for sharing in this journey with me!


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